It’s All Inside the Paula Deen Network!

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It’s All Inside the Paula Deen Network!


Your Favorite Recipes All Day, Every Day

Programs for the Paula Deen Network will feature both short-form and long-form content. Fans will be able to cook step-by-step with Paula as she showcases tips, recipes, ingredients, and products.  In addition to the dishes Paula is known for, she will also show viewers how to make simple, healthy and budget-friendly meals for the entire family. Shows will follow themes for every day, such as “Leftover Mondays” and “Taco Tuesdays” as well as holiday-themed content. A sample of some of the specific shows includes “20-Minute Meals,” “Paula Cooking Light” and “One Dish, Three Ways.”  Paula will also showcase lifestyle segments highlighting the best of Southern living, such as decorating tips for the holidays and discovering hidden treasures with local merchants.

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Reader Comments:


My Mother, Daughter and I just spent the last week in Savannah...Last Girls Trip before school starts. We always have a BLAST when we come up there and we ALWAYS do something that includes Paula Deen whether it is cooking school, Paula Deen Tour, Eating at Lady & Sons (every trip) and Shopping at your Store! This time it was Paula Deen Live! I cannot express to you how much fun it was. Ya'll are a so stinkin' cute and funny! Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve next! Love you and your sweet family so much!!! You make everyone Laugh and Smile!!! Keep 'em Coming!!!

By Jamye on August 16, 2014


Im very interesting to know if your show will be seen in my area. Ill appreciate your answer. Thanks and good luck with all your shows.

By Jeannette Greaux on August 15, 2014


I have such high regard for Miss Paula. She has overcome agoraphobia and become a stronger woman with a strong bond with her sons and her extended family in tact. I have every cookbook, subscribe to her magazine and have taken a trip to Savannah ion order to eat at The Lady and Sons. I will be a faithful viewer,and a cheerful cheerleader, best of luck. Linda Higginbotham of Olympia, Wa

By Linda Higginbotham on August 14, 2014


Question - If I pay to joint the Paula Deen Network, where do I watch it, if it's not on TV? Do I watch it on my laptop any time of day or night. Does it air 24/7? Someone please explain the details of how to go about this membership? Thank you.

By robin dinsmore on August 06, 2014


Interested in your show.glad you are back

By Pat Mcdade on August 03, 2014


I love paula dean and she Is ammmmmmmaaaaaazzzziiiinnngggggg

By samantha on August 01, 2014


By Connie Montfort on August 01, 2014


I appreciate you Paula Deen your the greatest.

By Robert Bardwell on July 29, 2014


wished they wouldn't charge people that don't have the money to subscribe to her new network show online. I loved watching her and felt she was done unfairly by Foodnetwork. I would love to be able to watch it online.!!

By Connie Cowart on July 24, 2014


What a wonderful idea. I'm so,looking forward to these shows.

By Sandie Horan on July 18, 2014


I miss your shows on tv getting your book cool

By Lynda pullar on July 17, 2014


So glad she is back.

By Anonymous on July 16, 2014


I would like to see you on t.v. again. I enjoy all your recipes.

By lillian on July 15, 2014


I would like to know where I can see Paula Deen again on t.v. I really enjoy your recipes.

By lillian rivera on July 15, 2014


I am such a big fan and I sure miss your show. I pray one day I will win a set of your pots & pans. 😊❤💜💗

By Ada Shiddell on July 14, 2014


Welcome back Ms Paula

By Truby Stamps on July 14, 2014


Thank you for coming back to the public who has always loved you. We all have mistakes in our lives but we must always be ready to forgive ourselves and others. Your friends are with you every step right along with your family. Bring on the Southern!

By Victoria m. Thompson on July 13, 2014


I have been a long time fan of yours. Several years ago you showed a recipe for crock-pot mac and cheese and it is phenomenal. I think you used a secret ingredient (mayo) in it. Since then, I add this secret ingredient to many recipes and it adds that extra zip. I also found out that different mayos have different tastes. This adds an additional layer of flavoring to the dish, such as Duke's Mayo really gives a tangier zip to the taste. I would like to see your recipe for crock-pot mac and cheese again.

By Bonnie Ley on July 12, 2014


Im so happy to have you back in my kitchen! Missed y'all

By Laura on July 10, 2014


Visited Savannah and your restaurant last year, had a great time!!

By Don L. Sponaugle on July 10, 2014

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Paula's Upcoming Schedule

  • August 27: Paula Deen Live! Nashville, TN

    Come see Paula’s live show at the TPAC: Andrew Jackson Hall in Nashville, TN and get a heaping helping of Paula’s recipes, and some good old-fashioned fun and laughter!
    Tickets available from Tennessee Performing Arts Center here!
    Sponsored by Springer Mountain Farms.

  • September 12: Deen Family Book Signing

    Join the Deen Family for a Book Signing at The Lady & Sons from 10 am to 12 pm.
    The event is free; 350 wristbands to be distributed starting at 9 am.

  • September 16: Paula Deen Live! Birmingham, AL

    Come see Paula’s live show at the Alabama Theatre in Birmingham, AL and get a heaping helping of Paula’s recipes, and some good old-fashioned fun and laughter!
    Tickets available from Ticketmaster here!
    Sponsored by Springer Mountain Farms.

  • View Paula's Full Schedule