How To: Pennant Napkin Rings

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How To: Pennant Napkin Rings

By The Paula Deen Test Kitchen

1 (10”) piece of ribbon (not too thick)
2 scraps of fabric
Thread and needle

Using this graphic for reference (not drawn to scale), cut two pennant shaped triangles. Use a chain stitch to sew the two triangles together. Keep back sides of fabric together. Sew along the top seam to attach to the center of the ribbon. Tie around napkin!

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I hope you are doing well! You are very special

By Bev Butschek on November 04, 2013


I think this a great idea...and I love Paula Deen! She's the best smile

By Nilsa Jimenez on July 28, 2011


I so love these naplin rings. I can't wait to make them for myself. Living in a very small Mississippi town I have found it very hard to find cure materials. Can you tell me of a good online company I can order fabric? I would like to send a big thank you for the great recipes you have published. My mom and dad died when I was 15 so I never got that one on one cooking from my mom. You can't find the simple thing like making southern cornbread in most cookbooks. Growing up we had cornbread almost every meal. Dad mixed his with buttermilk, well I couldn't handle the buttermilk so I ate mine with sweetmilk. It was hard for me trying to learn all the simple things that your mom usually teaches you. I may not be able to cut a chicken up yet but I make a mean pan of cornbread. THANKS again! from one GRIT to another!

By Teri Jones on July 28, 2011

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