How do you spell escape?

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How do you spell escape?

By Elizabeth Taliaferro

Don’t get me wrong. I love technology and the joys and efficiencies it brings into my life. But I just don’t get warm fuzzies when I curl up in my most comfy chair to gaze into my laptop or smartphone. What really relaxes me is spending some quality time with a real magazine or cookbook—one that I can actually hold, thumb through the pages, look at the pictures, and read recipes like some read novels. And I’m not alone. I have talked and corresponded (yes, by email) with hundreds of women that feel the same way. Do you like to get away from it all with a magazine or cookbook, too?

Like you, my days are hectic—I work full-time and am married with two kids, ages 18 and 21. So I regularly schedule a grown-up “time-out” with one of my favorite beverages and a good magazine to peruse. At work, I try to create the same experience for our readers, and that goal keeps me charged at my job.

My job? It’s super cool, but when you work for a magazine, a constant state of flux is pretty common. Like today, for instance. We are reviewing proofs of our July-August issue, routing early rounds of Paula’s Holiday Baking special, and shooting food photography for summer 2012, plus planning content for 2012 through infinity and beyond.

Here’s a more detailed example. Last fall, after a flurry of fan requests for a Deen family recipe for crisp, juicy down-home fried chicken, we asked Paula to write a story called “Fixin’ Fried Chicken.” Within the week, she wrote up her reflections, including some of the most enduring tips she remembers gleaning from her Grandmother Paul. Within another week, we were cooking up batches of Spicy Buttermilk Fried Chicken, and before you know it, a cover recipe was born. It’s out there now on the newsstands in the May-June issue. (The recipe is on page 98.)


Another example? Below is an image we took in summer 2010 after a conversation I had with Paula about figs. She loves their old-fashioned appeal and the revival they have enjoyed in contemporary cooking. So we got hopping while figs were in season and developed the recipes that will appear in our July-August 2011 issue. Fig Preserves, Upside-Down Fig Cake, and Layered Fig Dip with Pita Chips were the Deen Food Team’s favs.


Besides the exposure to the most amazing food in the world, the energized business at Cooking with Paula Deen magazine has even more upsides. Here’s an image of Paula, Michael, and our magazine team, taken in late summer 2010 as we traveled to an amazing culinary destination in Alaska! The food & travel feature appeared in January-February 2011, and as Paula said, “It was a dream vacation!” I couldn’t agree with her more. We ate the freshest food, saw the most unbelievable natural sights, and experienced almost instant decompression.


So, I suppose the chaos of the magazine biz is worth it. And I love to think about giving our readers, at whatever stage they are in their lives, moments of peace as they hold our magazine, taking in page after page of glorious succulence. It may just be whenever they can grab a few minutes, whether in the carpool line waiting for the kids, on a lunch break, or in between meetings. Or perhaps it’s on a well-deserved vacation or while enjoying that ultimate planned escape—a bubble bath. Are any of you like that?

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Reader Comments:


I like every recipe that I've tried of Paula Deen's. I'm anxious to try her Grandmother Paul's sour cream pound cake. I'm sure too that it will be a winner. Thanks for her web site.

By Rose Rodier on March 17, 2012


enjoy you and your family, i love daughter-in-law on mike &molly;

By karen on February 02, 2012


I saw Paula last night on the Dr. Oz show and found out she's having the same problem that I had in trying to stop smoking. I would like to share with her my road to success on how to quit smoking and never having to look back. I haven't smoked in 6 1/2 years and I don't even think about wanting one nor do I crave one. So, if she would like to know how I did it, have her email me. I think it could work for her.

By KY PARCELL on December 01, 2011


paula deen hi i love your recipes i love to see you in tv god bless you

By margie R perales on July 01, 2011


Oh, when I go to my mailbox and I have a new "Cooking With Paula Deen" mag. I can't hardly wait till I can make me a cup of coffee and sit down in my pawleys island chair swing,relax and enjoy! Forget theropy,when you are from the south this is all you need!lol Also when I need a bridal shower gift,I go to my local WalMart,buy several PD utensils and a "Cooking With Paula Deen" mag,roll the mag around the utensils,tie a pretty bow around it and attach a card with a pd subscription to the PD magazine.This always makes a big hit,the prospected Groom really like it! This works for Christmas and Birthdays too. #1 fan from east Texas

By Dobber Davis on June 15, 2011


Elizabeth, I agree with you... there is nothing better than curling up with a great magazine or cookbook. They will never go out of style!!! Thanks for your post. Cindy

By Cindy Edwards on June 14, 2011


Wow, the trip to Alaska sounds amazing. I would have loved to have been there with all of you. Paula, it seems as if you are surrounded by an amazing group of people. Cara

By cara whitfield on June 13, 2011


Trish Casto: The measuring cups you are inquiring about are on Paula's website They are made by Tin Woodsman and are pewter, not stainless steel. They are a bit pricey, about $179 for a 5-piece set. They ARE beautiful. I have wanted the rooster ones for a long time but, being unemployed at this time, that is out of the question! So I'm using 50s era Fire King mes cups and old-timey aluminum measuring spoons until I can get the pewter ones.

By Mary Anne on June 02, 2011


congralitons on the new little one coming and to be i love watching your shows and i have just about every recipe you have shared in sweet temp tations paula theirs nuthing like cooking one of your recipes at home i would like to know if you have the recipe of a homade fruit cake or blackwalnut cake to share thinks again and good luck with your road trip and your next cooking show always cooking best dishes with you ginger farley

By gingerfarley on June 01, 2011


I agree about traditional paper-page cookbooks, Elizabeth! You can't turn down the corner of a computer screen. You can't add hand-written comments on the pages to read like a diary years later. I love seeing my grandmothers' hand-written scribbles on their recipes especially now that they're both gone. It makes me feel like I'm back in their kitchens when I was a little girl. I hope my kids will like leafing through my cookbooks one day to see the notes I made, how I changed the recipes to their likings, or to whom I served them. Even the recipes without notes tell a story. When a cookbook falls open to a favorite recipe and the page is all know there's history there. Can't see a computer page falling open!!!

By Deborah on May 31, 2011



By CHARLENE JARRELL on May 31, 2011


Miss Paula have you ever made a Cherry & Rubarb Pie i tried a piece on a Ferry Boat ride a few years back and just loved it.Please try one and a comment Please. Yours truly Sandra Bradley (a winter tex-in)

By sandra bradley on May 31, 2011


Hi Kathy, I believe this is the recipe you're looking for:

By Jonathan Able on May 31, 2011


Paula you are the bomb...I use your house seasoning and I use it on everything..I've goten alot of comments on the good taste and I just cant say enough good stuff about your food...Lady I just love you to death...Truly Deborah May

By Debborah May on May 31, 2011


Paula Love you very much Love your family your a hoot I love it when the boys are on with you so funny the way you tease them remind me of my son haha when you say kiss me and they blush haha. Paula I tape you every day yes every day I keepthem all. Say my question is---where did you get those BEAUTIFUL Measuring cups--they look silver Stainless st--I want one--why dont you sell them I only see the plastic ones love your pots. do you have a line of other things I see the things hanging at Walmart and I have your cutting boards love all your things. PLEASE Let me know where I can get the Mes-cups.I love pretty things like that to. Thanks some day we want to come to your resturant wish you had one here in Tyler Texas or Branson Mo. We go there lots. Blessings to your beautiful Family.

By Trish Casto on May 31, 2011


I have recently been told about a brownie receipe made with velveeta cheese I would love to get that receipe

By kathy martin on May 26, 2011


Hi Mrs. Deen:) Just wanted to thank you for lifting my spirits a while back. The Peach Cobbler recipe had calm the craving for sweets. One of my medical specialist put restrictions on dairy products:(No butter/cream/cheese, etc.):( I had to substitute those ingredients, and I used canned peaches. It was still a hit!:) One of my baby sister's placed an order of my black-eyed peas/potatoe salad and the peach cobbler. I keep an eye open for the Fixin’ Fried Chicken recipe;) God Bless:) PS: Thank YOU....

By celeste mitchell on May 24, 2011


escape is spelled S A V A N N A H!!!!!

By Anna Walker on May 24, 2011


I think u have heart in what u cook that is why it is so good its nit only good but the picture is perfect

By Dilma on May 24, 2011


My escape will be Tybee soon I hope, See my house burnt to the grown on March 7, I had spent a month on Tybee came home in Nov,I eat at Paula an Sons every chance I got, frid green tomatoes at Paulas OMG,I had bought the S.L.U.T. apran that my girls just loved your Pots and pans set and your menu,they said you had just changed them. I framed them, they looked so great in my kitchen that is now gone. I lost everything so many things that can in no way be replaced, I was fully things will be ok someday. I have replaced my Paula Deen stuff, will almost all of it. But not the menu so I'm planing to escape back to Tybee, were I hope to find the menus agin, Why the menu? because You went from a brown paper bag lunch, to all you are today, all your hopes and dreams was in those bags, I so respect you for dreaming, taking the steps, the love for your Sons,as I have for by the by. when this nightmare is over,and I have a home agin, I plan to escape to Tybee, eat at Paula and Son and Uncel Bubbas,seat on the beach with my Paula Deen menus and finly (ESCAPE).

By Dedra Mcclure on May 24, 2011

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