Hot Off the Press: Valentine’s Day Delights

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Hot Off the Press: Valentine’s Day Delights

By Heather Jeffcoat

When I was a child, Valentine’s Day was a much-anticipated holiday. My classmates and I decorated shoeboxes with lots of construction-paper hearts and crayons, and if we were lucky, we got to use glitter. It was the greatest time of the year! The night before Valentine’s Day was filled with selecting special cards for my classmates. I remember thoughtfully considering which card to give to each person. Then using my best handwriting, I would address them with exact preciseness.


The big day would come, and it was filled with lots of special notes and yummy treats. I, like most kids, especially loved those candy conversation hearts. I would choose which one to eat based on the message stamped on the hard-to-bite confection. What great times!

Now I see that same twinkle in my daughter’s eyes as she spies all the Valentine displays at the stores. In fact, the first week they were put up in our local stores, which seemed like right after January 1, she chose a box of princess cards to give to her classmates. We’ll also make some handmade cards for the grandparents, her daddy, and her brother. Good times with glitter glue, foam stickers, markers, and construction paper are in our future.

As the years went on, Valentine’s Day had its ups and downs for me, but through it all, there was one thing that held me together and that I could count on—chocolate! No matter what, it never failed that I received some type of chocolate from someone, whether it was from my parents, a relative, or a sweet friend. And chocolate makes everything better, right? I know it does in my house.


To me, it’s not Valentine’s Day without chocolate, and as I’ve gotten older, I’ve found that a wonderful, homemade chocolate dessert is what I adore. As you know, Paula is also a big fan of chocolate, so we created a special feature in our January/February issue with Paula’s unique treats called “Chocolate Love.” Doesn’t that just sound dreamy?

If you want a decadent cake, look no further than the Chocolate Cake with Fluffy Raspberry Frosting. You’ll love its delicate layers covered in a sweet buttercream icing with the just-right amount of raspberry flavor. If you want a lighter option, try Paula’s Chocolate Angel Food Shortcakes with Fresh Berries. The airy cakes soar when paired with sweet fruit and a dollop of whipped cream. I bet you know someone who would love these chocolate delights presented to them come Valentine’s Day.

We’re sure you’ll adore these sweet treats, but be sure to let us know what your favorite chocolate dessert is!

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Reader Comments:


the best one i had :D

By crowdshirt1 on February 15, 2014


I just read about Paula's new deal and it made me so happy. I love just everything about Paula. Book, cooking pots, her shows. I have totally stopped watching Food Network because I no longer see them as ethical and good. You keep bring it Paula because we love you.

By Laura on February 13, 2014


Just want to say , "I love Jammie and his pure devotion to his wonderful family," You have truly been a hard working ,loving mother. The boys integrity is evidence of your dedication to raising "fine men".

By johnnie calvin on February 08, 2014



By olivia calvin on February 03, 2014


That's a very interesting story that brings back memories from when I was in elementary school, and I too would pick out special valentines for each fellow peer of mine. Also I still get excited for Valentine's Day because of the yummy treats. Even though I don't like chocolate its still a fun day to eat any sugary thing in sight.

By Sarah W on February 20, 2013

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