Homemade Holiday Wreaths

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Homemade Holiday Wreaths

By Brandon Branch, Creative Director

Here’s what you’ll need:
Freshly cut sprigs of your favorite greens
Floral foam ring (Oasis makes a great product)

Here’s how to do it:

image1. Gather a bunch of your favorite greens. You’ll want to trim them to be all of relatively uniform size and shape. We used camellia leaves from Paula’s yard, but you can use a variety of greens, including different kinds of pines.

2. Prepare a floral foam ring according to its packaging directions. I prefer to soak my rings in a large utility sink, or bathtub. It’s best if you set the ring on top of the water, and wait for the foam to naturally sink in the water. Do not forcibly submerge the ring.

image3. On a clean and prepared surface, begin inserted the stems of your greens around the outside of the floral ring. Work your way around the outside of the ring. Once the outside has been filled with stems, then work your way towards the center of the ring, making sure that the floral foam is hidden by leaves.

image4. Step back and look for any spots you may have missed, and add any final touches. Then hang the wreath on the front of your door, or wherever you like. You’ve just created a beautiful wreath!

Takeaway tip: Mix up the greens and foliage that you use in your wreath for a look that’s completely your own.

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I love the wreath idea. I also love you. You are always so happy. That makes me happy just looking at your smiling face, and the way you laugh. Paula what I'm trying to say is you are such a wonderful lady. Your whole family is great. Thanks for the Paula Dean show.... I ate at your place about 10 years ago I need to come back to Savannah and eat there again it was awesome. Hope to see you soon...

By Paulette Hayes on December 07, 2012


Hello~ How long do these live wreaths commonly last? Days, weeks? Would love to do a pine one with poinsettas Thanks, Kim

By Kim on December 04, 2012


paula, your mine, my daughters, granddaughter, and daughter-in-laws most favorite chef on tv, keep up the great work, we really love watching your show.

By phyllis mcdaniel on February 17, 2012


I watch your show everyday, I falling in love with your christmas dinnerware set, I went on your store webside i din;t findet could you please let me know wich store did you purchase. I would like to buy for my daughter as Chirstmas Presen. Thank you, Have a wondenful Christmas you and your wonderful family I love you, Good Bless you all.

By agata I;ardo on December 13, 2011


I made one out of Holly Leaves with a ring that I bought at the Dollar Tree. This wreath is beautiful and it only cost me $1. grin

By carol skiles on December 08, 2011


Beautiful wreath. I'm going to make one. it looks so easy and I used to make wreaths all the time. Love you Paula. You are a wonderful lady. Eileen

By Eileen Miller on December 08, 2011


Love the ideal of hoilday wreaths I need a recipe for dough for homemade peach cobbler

By Ethel jackson on December 08, 2011


Paula, love your program. When I tired or need a little lift when I turn your program on I am transferred into another mode. I realize your dedication and extremely hard work that you put in program. Have a Merry Christmas and may your New Year be one of joy and happiness. Mary Lou

By Mary Lou Dailey on December 07, 2011

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