Homemade Holiday Jingleboxes

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Homemade Holiday Jingleboxes

By Lisa Scarbrough

The holidays are once again upon us which means… time to stress about the gift giving! At least, if you watch enough TV commercials, they will have you believe that. But we’re practical moms (and dads). We know that the thought is far more important than the gift (no, really).

Over the last year, I’ve become enamored of all these various box services, a monthly mish mash of goodies for me (and even my dog). As I thought about what to get my close friends and the family members I tolerate each holiday (just kidding), I thought about how much I love the surprises of these boxes each month and eureka, Lisa’s Jingleboxes were born.

Step 1: Make out your list of names. This will help you determine what types of items should go in each box.

Step 2: Find boxes. This actually turned out to be the hardest part for me. They shouldn’t be too big as most items (at least for mine) will be small, and if they are larger, you’ll feel obligated to fill them to the max. (I ended up using paper cookie boxes, which you can find at most dollar stores this time of year.)

Step 3: Make a list of potential items to include in each box. I opted for warm and snuggly slipper socks and a couple of packets of hot cocoa, mainly because those are items I love to enjoy every Christmas Eve. Other items might include lip balm and hand moisturizer for the dry winter skin blues, a yearly planner (if they haven’t already received a dozen or so from insurance or financial providers), bath salts, or other small pampering items. I reached out to a friend that does makeup for a very pink organization to see if she had samples I could use in my boxes. I don’t wear makeup, but many of my gal pals do, and as much as they’ll appreciate the pretty colors, my friend will appreciate having her business card in the box if they decide they want more.

Step 4: Start the assembly line. Line up the boxes with a card or post it note to help you keep track of which box is for which person. Set each set of items in a pile, then start assembling.

Step 5: Finish off each box with a handwritten note, thanking them for their friendship and sending good wishes for the New Year. This will probably be the most remembered and cherished part of your box.

Remember that the holidays are for time with family. Your kids would rather make memories with you than watch you turn into Edwina Scissorhands wrapping gifts at 90 mph all the way through Christmas Eve to be sure no one was forgotten. If you’ve taken the time to make those you love and treasure feel valued all year long, the gifts are unimportant.

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Reader Comments:


You're Awesome Mrs. Dean!! PLEASE, Keep On Cook'n'!! I will always stand by you!!

By Angelique Halee on December 21, 2013


Awesome idea, Lisa! I'm always looking for new ways to save money around the holidays. These would make great gifts for my son's teachers.

By Michelle Cummings on December 18, 2013


Paula do u have any suggestions for soup or cookies in a mason jars that would would be be good for gifts

By mona on December 11, 2013


Great idea to use boxes. I would add a jingle bell inside so when it was moved you would hear the bell.

By letty on December 11, 2013


These are a cute idea and I think I am going to do this for my daughters. Do you have any suggestion for my grandsons? I have one six-year old and three 5-year old (not triplets - just cousins). Please do not suggest cars - we have a whole parking lot filled to the brim with cars :D Thank you for this idea - now to hunt for boxes!

By Cyndy Cisel on December 10, 2013


I can't wait to try things. I love your cooking. Merry Christmas Paula

By Cynthia-Velarde-Gonzalez on December 10, 2013


These boxes are the nicest idea ever. It will definitley ale gifting easier, more affordable and less stressful. Can't wait to put some together. Thanks again Paula

By Kathie Covich on December 10, 2013


Love this idea! I have been trying to find something a little different and there are so many friends and family members, so this works perfect. Thanks Paula!

By Terry Riley on December 10, 2013


Thanks Lisa, I know what to do for the ladies in the office now. Many of them make a ton of money and don't really "need" anything and I am not in a financial situation to buy them expensive things so this gift will let them know that I am thinking of them and that's what matters most.

By Elena on December 10, 2013


Like always!! LOVE THIS!!! Thanks for sharing..😘

By Andrea Lepinske on December 09, 2013


What a fantastic idea Lisa! This is the perfect idea for my nieces and nephews this holiday. Can't wait to put them together now!

By Jenn on December 09, 2013


Love all these ideas. Thanks for the help because there were a few people I was lost on what to give them.

By Tanya on December 09, 2013

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