Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween!

By Cindy Edwards

Every October, my boys would begin to discuss the perfect costume for Halloween.  Most years, they were superheroes, with Batman, Robin, Power Rangers and Spiderman making frequent appearances.  I always made an attempt to carve a “scary” pumpkin, which usually looked more funny than fearful. 

We practiced our routine a time or two.  I reminded them to walk, not run, up the path to a home and try to stay off of the grass and out of the flowerbeds.  Next, we discussed a soft knock and, of course, the proper greeting: “Happy Halloween!” or “Trick-or-treat!” I told them to take only one piece of candy and to remember that the most important part was a big “thank you” for the generous neighbor.

We always enjoyed how so many of our friends would not recognize our boys and “really” believed that Batman and Robin just happened to be in Savannah.  It was a night filled with fun, imagination and tons of candy for my sons to count before they went to bed.

Here are a few tips for less tricks and more treats:

1. Parental supervision is a must.  Observe the times that your local authorities and neighborhood associations suggest.

2. Do not let your little goblin be greedy.  One or two pieces of candy per house should be his or her limit.

3. Help your children practice their manners.  When the host answers the door, the children should say, “Happy Halloween” or “Trick or treat.”  Children should always say thank you, whether or not they like their treats.

4. Discuss the limitations of the night with your children. Include safety reminders and make sure that they respect the property of others.

5. If a porch light is off, then most likely the homeowner is not participating.  Encourage your children to respect the choices of those that do not participate.

One of my best, and most talented, friends is Donna Eichholz. For as long as I can remember, she has made white chocolate “ghosties” for her daughters and their friends for Halloween.  Below is my interpretation of this fun activity that you can do with your child.

You will need:

12 ounces white chocolate
6 candy or craft sticks
12 mini chocolate chips for eyes
Parchment or wax paper
Cellophane bags and ribbon

1. Use tape to secure wax paper to your countertop or to a cookie sheet.

2. Melt chocolate in a glass bowl for 30 seconds and stir.  If it is not completely melted, heat for 15 more seconds and stir again.  Repeat this process until it is smooth.  Do not overheat.

3. Using a small spoon, drop the melted chocolate onto the wax paper, beginning at the top with the ghost’s round head. Gradually move chocolate down to create two arms and flair out to create a gown. 

4. Add the candy sticks and cover with more chocolate. Use your fingers or the back of the spoon to spread the chocolate evenly and make it smooth.

5. Place two mini chocolate chips on the face to make the eyes.


6. Let cool. Remove from paper. Use cellophane bags and ribbons to package your “ghosties.”

7. Store in a cool place.

I hope that you enjoy this quick, easy and inexpensive craft with your little ones.

As always, thanks for reading.

Properly yours,

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Reader Comments:


Cindy, loved the Halloween etiquette! I passed these on to my daughters-in-law! Love the recipies added to your blog! the Ghosties are a must when the grandkids get a little older! Fun! I always enjoy reading your blog! susan:)

By Susan on November 03, 2012


Cindy, Thanks for the reminders of Halloween Etiquette. I told my daughters-in-law about your blog, since we now have little ones to take trick or treating. I love the "ghosties" they are cute and look like fun to make. Enjoying your blog so much! Susan:)

By Susan on November 02, 2012


This blog contains very good tips and really sets the mood for a great Halloween trick-or-treat. Thanks, cindy for reminding us of the importance of safety, as well as, fun activities. . I made the "ghosties" and my children really enjoyed making and eating them. They were fun and tasty. Anne

By Anne on October 30, 2012


A tradition the community I lived in when my girls were young; ages ago when treats became "scary" was a neighborhood sign (from the dollar or party store) like a friendly witch or a black cat, or some other sign to show parents and kids in the neighborhood that the treats coming from this house are safe. The sign was placed on the front door - easy to see - and of course the outside light was turned on for safety. Our committee also had a list of homes that were part of the "safe treats for trick or treat" that parents could pick up. After the children went around to collect their treats from safe houses they gathered at our small community center and we had cider and snacks for adults and kids.

By Bonnie Rice on October 26, 2012


Cindy - The ghosties are a great idea for my son's school Halloween party! What an easy recipe - and so cute. All of his classmates are going to love these treats - and his teachers too!

By Winslet on October 25, 2012


too cute

By benita michelle wheeler on October 24, 2012


Halloween can be a fun and enjoyable holiday. Thanks, Cindy, for the tips and activites, especially the "ghosties", which I plan to make with my children. I always enjoy reading this blog!!!

By Anne on October 22, 2012


Love the recipe but love your guideline for a safe and happy halloween even more. Too bad so many parents just turn children loose on this day. Thanks for trying to make it a pleasant day. The recipe is just too good not to make!

By Sandra on October 22, 2012


Great Halloween tips and ideas. The "ghosties" will certaily be a fun activity for children and can also can be used for trick-or-treat items. Thanks, cindy, for the helpful suggestions for Halloween safety and fun. Trick-or-treat can be an enjoyable time for children and adults. The Spiderman boys are adorable!!!

By Anonymous on October 19, 2012


Cindy, I have a teenager and she still likes to bake Halloween treats. Thanks for giving us a new idea.

By Val Bowers on October 18, 2012


Thank you so much for the wonderful Halloween tips that I wish every young parent would read! The holiday tends to get a little crazier every year and I found your tips to be spot on. I also think that I might have to make your adorable ghosties for my teenage girls. You're never to old to enjoy Halloween!

By M. Lewis on October 15, 2012


I love your jolly, happy ghosties. They take me back to a time when the girls looked forward to Halloween. I am so glad other young families will be enjoying this sweet Halloween tradition. Love your posts every month. I love the expanded craft section. I look forward to sharing your blog with my friends and family. Donna

By Donna Eichholz on October 15, 2012

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