Guests Spots and Green Rooms

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Guests Spots and Green Rooms

By Paula Deen

As you probably know, I don’t spend my days just cookin’ in the kitchen.  There are shows to film, recipes and articles to write, and more travel than you can imagine.  I’m not complaining.  All that travel takes me places I never would’ve gone and introduces me to wonderful people I never would’ve met.  Last month I spent a week on the Paula Deen Cruise with my fans aboard the most beautiful cruise ship.  And in October I traveled across the country—in a bus—to promote my new cookbook, “The Southern Cooking Bible.”  In between those adventures are flights to countless television appearances in just as many cities, from the smallest TV stations to the “Today Show” in Rockefeller Center.

All those television spots can be a lot of fun, but it’s also a lot of waiting around.  First, you’ve got to “get your face on” so you don’t scare anybody.  And, honey, the older you get, the longer it takes—usually 2 to 3 hours!  But the producers of these shows—especially the ones at the big networks—always have it in the back of their mind that a flight is going to get delayed and that a guest isn’t going to get there in time.  So they always want you there early.  And if I’m scheduled to do a cooking demonstration, they’re going to want to take me out on stage and go through a rehearsal just to get me familiar with where everything is.  That way I don’t spend half my time asking, “Where’s my spatula, y’all?”  It’s not easy cooking in someone else’s kitchen, especially when millions of viewers are watching.


Not that I get nervous anymore.  You do anything enough times and it becomes as natural as breathing.  But it wasn’t always that way.  Public speaking used to paralyze me.  I quit going to Sunday School because I was so afraid that they were going to call on me to read from the Bible.  We would go in a circle and take turns and as it got closer to my turn, my heart would beat so hard that I was afraid I was going to hyperventilate.  Eventually I said to myself, You know, I’m just gonna quit going.  I’m not gonna put myself through that.  That seems like a lifetime ago.

These days I manage to relax and rest some while I’m waiting on set.  They put you in these little waiting rooms called “green rooms” that are furnished and set up with all kinds of snacks, coffee and sodas—anything you could want—and I’ll sit there and play “Words with Friends” or “Freecell” on my iPad.  Not everybody has their own green room.  It’s kind of funny, because when you’re first starting out and you haven’t paid your dues, so to speak, they have a big green room where everybody’s huddled together like cattle.  But as you get a little more well-known, they’ll move you to a private green room.


Sometimes, they even give you gifts.  I always love getting Oprah’s gift.  Who wouldn’t?  One time she gave me a big ol’ “O” bag, and I adore that bag.  I have toted it everywhere I’ve ever been.  So I always look forward to a gift from her because it’s something that she loves so you know it’s something that you’re going to love too.

But I have the most fun on the Tonight Show ‘cause Jay Leno is such a bird.  This one time I was in my little green room and I was tired so I laid down on the sofa and shut my eyes.  And all of sudden there was a big ol’ man on top of me!  And it was Jay!  It was like he was trying to kiss me or something like that!  He really caught me by surprise that afternoon.


So in spite of all that waiting around, it can be a lot of fun too.  And when it’s calm and quiet, I like to take a moment to myself to appreciate how a scared young lady from a little town in Georgia has come so far.

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Reader Comments:


Hi Mrs.Deen my name is Crawford Moore a person who has been trough a lot in life. No one wants to give me a chance to show my greatness. Because I am a felon. I was raised in a life of crime and has since changed. I am afraid because I can not get a job due to my past. I have five wonderful kids that I can't support due to this. And I have no other choice but to live wrong because no one wants to help for my changes. I have gotten myself an education and all. Need help... Sincerely Crawford Moore 224 321 7466

By Crawford Moore on February 26, 2014


Hey, J.R.---How about you not tell Miss Paula how to be. We like her just fine as she is. Thank you and have a good day.

By Kim Gomez on January 19, 2013


I have been a fan of yours (Paula) for years.... however the use of the word ya'll has gone way OVER BOARD !! ... I have lived in the south (Alabama, Texas, and Florida) for years, and have never heard the usage of ya'll in so many places it doesn't need to be... It got sooooo bad I can not watch your new shows.... You never used it sooooo much in the early years of your career ... Look back if you don't believe me ? ... Tone it down some........... PLEASE. !!

By J.R. Smith on January 17, 2013


Paula my wife loves your show and your recipes, she laughs,listens to your stories and recipes. I have to say thank you her cooking has gotten a better since we have been married and I can say you deserve credit for helping her learn the tricks of a chef an dfor your recipes. But she has a recipe for a cranberry nut pie that is to die for especillly at thanksgiving, our sons and I ask for it and so do most of our company. Almost everyone who trys it asks for the recipe. Could you try one on your show so we can see how it goes over, I mean with your recipe and let us know what you think of it . thanks

By clyde hooper on November 19, 2012


Guests Sotops And Green Rooms very nice Paula wish you love Y all

By Donna marie Eichhorn on October 25, 2012


I was so sorry to read that you dropped out of church at an early age because of being terrified about having to read from the Bible. I sincerely hope that at some point in your life you have gotten back in church and are now a Christian. You share so much about your personal life but I don't ever recall hearing you mention anything about attending church. Maybe you feel it isn't appropriate to do so on your television show, but because you are loved by so many people you could be such a powerful witness for the Lord.

By Jean Garner on September 13, 2012


Hi, I know you probably don't read these yourself, but could somebody tell me who makes that beautiful periwinkle blue shirt you wore? The one with the tiny ruffles....Love that color on you...Thanks!

By Margaret Bolton on June 03, 2012


Stana Katic of Castle TV series will be in Savannah ,Ga June 25 filming at Meddin Studio. Could you have her on your show-cook Serbian/Croatian food -If she does not cook also invite her MOM. Thanks Castle/Deen fan

By Betty Edwards on May 27, 2012


Great spot on the Today Show this morning! The blouse you had on was absolutley beautiful. Where did you find the blouse as I would love to buy one for my mother. Thank you, Lori

By Lori W-H on May 22, 2012


Hi Paula, check out Dr Fuhrman Eat to Live and do a cook book with him. Going public with your diabetes is a blessing because not only can you change your eating habits you can change Americas!! The same people that love to watch you cook will join you in changing their eating habits also. Food network does not have a "diet health show" here is your opportunity to be the first, its a huge new market for you to conquer!!! Go for it Paula people love you because you are a fun loving women not because you use butter grin.

By Tm on May 17, 2012


very inspirating....all hail to the southernQueen

By benita wheeler on May 16, 2012


First time ever doing this. I wanted to say how much I enjoy watching your show and using your cookbooks. If ever I could share a recipe with you it would make my life complete. I have a mac and cheese that will bring you to your knees. Closing by saying "GO TIGERS" and we dont mean Auburn neither.

By SusanRhinehart on May 07, 2012


Hi Paula! I love you lots, been to Lady and Sons. Met Jamie and Bobby. Good boys! Missed you in Vero Beach by 10 minutes. But, I need you to help me. Awhile back, on one of your shows, you showed your audience how to ship food thru the mail. I would like to mail my best friend one of my cheese cakes. Told her the only way I know how to do this, is to freeze it, and hope for the best! Do you have any suggestions on how I could pack and ship this about 500 miles? From Reynoldsburg, Ohio to Manassas, Virginia. Any input from you would certainly help. Thanks Paula. Luv you much, and keep on giving us all those great recipes. P.S. I've got a macaroni and cheese recipe, but it calls for 1 pound of butter. Please let me know if it's something that you would like to try. It's the best macaroni and cheese that I've ever wrapped my lips around! ,

By Marge Myers on May 04, 2012


Paula, There are not enough words to say how much I love your show!!!!! I watch it every day and thoroughly enjoy how you incorporate your family into many episodes. Your recipies are amazing and SO easy to prepare! Thank goodness for you and the wonderful recipies you share. Everything you make looks and tastes like a million bucks...yet, so aforadable and easy to make. Thank you for making me a "Super Star" in my own kitchen.

By Karen on April 28, 2012


Ms. Paula, Have I told you lately "How Much I Love ...Your wonderful show, cookbooks, recipes, etc." Let me count the ways!!! (The Sonnets of the Portuguese by Elizabeth Barrett Browning) You are such a "breath of fresh air" to the Food Network and your many many fans. You make things so "real" and enjoyable. I know so very many people that feel exactly as I do. I have learned how to cook over the years but whenever I married I could not as so many young brides. You show simple and you show more complicated recipes. I love the variation. Thank you so much for that. I look forward to your future shows and your other future endeavors!!! Keep them coming girlfriend!!! You are GREAT!! P.S. A really good friend of mine is using the same diabetes medicine that you are and it is working so effectively for her. Also, I am from the South as you are but isn't it interesting how just as many if not more viewers love you from other parts of the continent as well. That's because you and what you "bring to the table" is such a successful message/endeavor.

By cajunangel3210 on April 25, 2012


Good afternoon! I just wanted you to know what fine men you have raised. I met your son, Jaime, on vacation in March. Despite my momentary state of crazy (due to a quick child scare), he was so polite friendly, and gracious. I have 2 boys of my own (Hunter and Jackson)and meeting him reminds me of the kind of men I can only hope and pray they grow to become. In Texas talk all I can say is "ya' done good, Mama Deen!" I saw y'all are headed to Galveston for your cruise. That's where my mother was born and raised. There are lots of places to see and things to do (historical and "whole in the wall" places). They are still rebuilding since Hurricane Ike, but y'all will still love it! If you need some direction let me know and we'll give you some pointers on where to go while you're there. grin

By Trista on April 24, 2012


Hello Ms Paula, I received your email today about how to paint the herb pots. This is a very cute idea. I have been wanting to grow my own herb garden -espically now that at age 47 (hubby 57) I my husband and I have finally been able to purchase our first home. How ever - I can not find anything that tells me how to care for and getthe most out of it if I was able to grow one. I know that you can pick them to cook with but how do you know when you should use them for maximum flavor and not to b/c they wouldn't taste good,etc... Do you let them flower or pinch the tops off before they get that far if your wanting to cook with them. This is the kind of info I'm looking for. Any ideas where I can find this??? Thanks and many blessings, Cheryl Brown PS I am a visual learner so I really get a lot out of watching videos and being showed more than just reading about things.

By Cheryl on April 24, 2012


Dear Sweet Paula, Three years ago my husband, Don and I, visited Savannah, as I had wanted to for a long time. We ate at Lady and Sons, but you weren't there that day-sniff-sniff! I have some cook books, the apron-The Lady Can Cook, your cup, pen, etc. I enjoy your show and your down-home personality. MAN, LOVE THOSE PRALINES. I HAD READ EUGENIA PRICE'S books and so wanted to visit St. Simon's Island-but noone would show me her grave. Oh well, I know she's in heaven. Didn't mean to talk on another subject. If I get to come there to Savannah, hopefully I would see you. Love your cooking! Who likes butter? I'm also trying to control the butter, but, man that's a hard one. I also have 2 boys and 4 grandchildren and I so identify with you. Your boys and Michael are so adorable. Married 50 years and still cookin'. God Bless you Paula! Love you. Be in health.

By Lois Crooks on April 24, 2012


paula i love your pound cake it is so good i would marry it if i could

By Riley Deeben on April 14, 2012


I saw a show where you made hot chocolate floats that were amazing. But even more interesting, the French chocolate cup and saucer were a discontinued pattern from crate and barrel that I have been trying to find for over a year. It was blue with yellow abstract flowers on it. Do you know where I can find any of these dishes? They were made by a pottery factory in Italy but I couldn't contact the manufacturer and C&B has no discontinued pattern to match. Thank you

By Jo on April 12, 2012

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