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Get Grilling

By Paula Deen Test Kitchen

Get Grilling! Doing it is almost as easy as saying it. From peaches to pizza, we like to grill just about anything we can get our tongs on here in the Paula Deen Test Kitchen. Even in the chilly winter months, when we open that lid and light the fire, we immediately get a warm summer feeling. Get your grill going this summer and enjoy some of our favorite mouthwatering recipes using Paula’s delicious sauces. If you don’t have one of Paula’s sauces, just do what Paula always says, “Let the recipe be only your inspiration, and make it your own!”

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Reader Comments:

I agree with Ms Clark of St. Louis, MO! Paula is my inspiration. Not only is she a wonderful cook that makes the comfort foods my family and I love and enjoy so much, she also inspires me with her humor and makeup and wardrobe techniques. I feel like they apply to me also since we are only about a year apart. She always looks so good.  U go Paula!! Love u!!

By Donna Groves on July 23, 2010

I have two of your cookbooks but I’m sure all of your recipes are not listed. Are you going to have an online recipe box? I know Betty Crocker has one that I like to use.Please respond.

By Mary Michaud on July 22, 2010

I recently made some of Paula’s Grandmothers “PICKLED OKRA”  man these are the best ever, and so easy to make.  You need to double or triple the recipe.  That’s how good they are.

By Ruby Tatum on July 21, 2010

talk to me about eggs benedict! I love to make that, and I dont have a egg pan , my dog tryed to eat it up so someone said I could do the eggs in boiling water, is that a way to do that. pouched eggs are great just dont know about boiling water. HELP I want to make this for my girlfriend, she loves eggs and chicken. Ive done a few chicken dinners for her now breakfast. Okay Paula help me out got to score brownie points!!! Thanks

By jimmie lawson on July 21, 2010


I absolutely love your recipes but for some reason mine never turn out the way they are suppose to. Any chance you could come to Fargo, ND and help me out? You will laugh at this one but I tried to make meatloaf and it was so bad that my husband took one bite then took a drink of water then one bite and another drink of water. Finally I said ok enough let’s order pizza. Help me Paula - please!!!!

By Sam Holland on July 21, 2010

I enjoy getting the e-mails and all of her receipes. I would love to meet Paula Dean, I think she is a great inspiration for everyone. My husband and I had dinner at her Buffet at Harrah’s in Tunica and loved it. If she is ever there again we would love to meet her.

Thank you

By Barbara Clark on July 20, 2010

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