Get Fired Up

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Get Fired Up

By Jamie Deen

So you’re not supposed to like one child better than the other right? That’s what my momma tells me anyway. I can’t help but thinking about all of our books as children. When you’re smack in the middle of working on them, it’s all you can think about and when they finally arrive –well it’s a miracle! I love all The Deen Brothers’ cookbooks, and you can sure tell if you come in my kitchen, ‘cause they are all dogeared and splattered with food stains. A sure sign of love. But this new book…Get Fired Up, the fourth book by my brother Bobby and me along with our friend Melissa Clark, well it’s something special. Get Fired Up has over 100 easy down-home recipes for tailgating, picnics, clambakes, camping trips or just playing catch in the yard! It may sound like just a dude’s cookbook (definitely a great gift for Father’s Day), but my wife, Brooke, and my momma, Paula (y’all might already know her) tell me the girls love it too. I gotta run, because I’m wrappin’ up a bunch of the Ham and Chutney Hungry Brothers Biscuits to take to our Lady and Son’s softball game tonight. Hopefully they’ll help get us a “W”!

Come on out and see Bobby and me if we are coming your way as we cook up a bunch of delicious recipes from Get Fired Up. We always love hearing what you folks have to say.

Ham and Chutney Hungry Brothers Biscuits
serves 8

1 (16.3 ounce) can jumbo refrigerated buttermilk biscuits
1/3 cup unsalted butter, softened
1 ½ tablespoons Dijon mustard
1 pound thinly sliced Virginia ham
1/3 cup prepared mango chutney
Sliced Vidalia or red onions (optional)

Bake the biscuits according to the package directions. Let the biscuits cool slightly, then split them in half horizontally.

Spread the cut side of each biscuit half with the butter and mustard. Sandwich the ham, chutney and onion between the biscuit halves.

Recipe courtesy Jamie and Bobby Deen and Random House.
Photography courtesy Ben Fink.

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Reader Comments:


i tried all your sides and love em so i tell shoppers too buy and try ill get to your res some day i shopahaulic on qvc i have gobs of cookin stuff im a hoarder kidding abby

By abby on May 01, 2011


I love to watch your shows. I have copied every one of your recipes I can find. My grand-daughter gave me Paula Deen's Kitchen Wisdom and recipe Journal for Christmas. I have added your recipes along with my Mamaw's and Mama's recipes. My kids are now fussing about who gets it one day.I think I will have to get 3 more. Thank you for being the wonderful person you are. I enjoy all of your recipes and the brothers as well. Thanks.

By Vickie Morgan on April 28, 2011


Toni, You can find more Deen cookbooks here:

By Jonathan Able on April 27, 2011


hello to the deen family, paula i love ur cook shows but now i'm a lost soul since i don't have cable nomore so wat i do is go to the grocery store just to read ur books, i miss seeing my dream man ur other son the one not marry to brooke i get them confuss i know he has black hair and short and fine as wine i love his smile i have internet now and something told me to type ur name in and see wat happens and i struck gold i did get to see u on qvc i was happy i would like visit ur resturant one day but i live in washington dc,are u comming to dc ? well hope to meet you one day mrs deen. have a good easter to u and ur family!!!!!!!!!!! your,fan tina.

By tina j. on April 23, 2011


can't wait!!!

By linda franz on April 23, 2011


jamie - it was so great seeing you Boddy and Pauladeena ha ( i love it) today - I was so excited today i forgot to eat at the restruant! I love the new book , my favorite thing is the last page with you bblou and champ - ya'll are such ga boyzz (them plates) .. I should have brought champ some cookies - Ha I just love otis and Sam soo much u no .. next time i promise ok - u know i'm your No 1 - Get fired up is right on time i have been grillin every weekend ... you are on your way and off to a great start .... bstar

By Billy Tatum - Big Starr on April 23, 2011


By gena on April 22, 2011


Paula I got to visit and eat at your resturant and loved it the food was great! I am disabled and your staff was so good to me and another lady there.I know you hear all kinds of story's but if you ever get a damaged or something that you can sell of your measuring spoons and cups I would love to have them but I can't afoord it either. I love your kindness and warmth you have in your heart, may God bless you!!!! And Imean this ifyouy can never find the spoons or cups!!!!LOL

By Debbie Collins on April 22, 2011


Hi Paula , I live in Central FL and I've visited both your restauraunt and your brothers fantastic restauraunt . I sent my mom who lives in Portland, Oregon some seasonings before and now she wants to know where she can find them in her area .She turns 88 in August and still get's around quite well. I'd like to help her find this information out. Thank you.

By Patti on April 22, 2011


Paula, Just left the book signing in Vero Beach, FL!! Those boys are "F I R E"! They are so fun and friendly. It was a treasure to meet them.

By Bonnie on April 21, 2011


Just received this cook book and think it is another awesome addition to my collection of Deen Family Cook books. Have them all and love trying these great receipes on family and friends. Keep them coming!

By Chris A. Bone on April 20, 2011


Hi Paula, My Grand daughter has loved to watch you on t.v. since before she turned two.She is four now.We call you Mama Paula.Every time she sees your picture she says theres your Mama Nanny.You truly do seem like a part of the family.When she doesn't want to eat a particular food,her mama will tell her its one of Paula Deens recipes and that makes it delicious to her,lol.Much happiness and success. We love ya. Diane and Gracie

By Diane Meadows on April 19, 2011


Hello Hello- Couldn't love the women and her "children" anymore than I do. Her shows draw all kinds of crowds and only recently have I started watching to learn some new skills. This coming from a man who has never cooked a meal a day in his life until about a year ago. EVERYTHING I now have under my belt came from Paula, Bobby and Jamie. I was hoping to be able to broaden my menu with the "boys" new book but sadly it's not in the budget. Times are tough for everyone and certain things must fall to the wayside but I wanted to say how proud I was to see a new book and the reviews have been wonderful, not that I am surprised. They are so great to watch and learn from! Truly the two of them gave me the inspiration to want to learn to cook for my wife. She's been doing it for so many years and tells anyone who will listen that she learned everything she's got from the Food Network and Paula. So glad and proud to see a new book out there. That whole family is just amazing. The love they share in the kitchen is something to literally be envious of!! Thanking you for giving us such joy and I hope that sometime this year I might find the extra money to enjoy and spread the word on the most satisfying and easy recipes!! have a great day folks and thanks for letting me share a comment. My best buddies make fun of me for learning how to cook and wanting to learn more but I say " There is no better love and joy and great times than spending it in the kitchen with the ones you love!!!" Best dishes Thomas

By Thomas Ricard on April 19, 2011


deAR PAULA Ithink you are the greatest person to watch on TV i would love to have a set of your bake ware but I can not afford them. I think you RE great cook mom . i was so happy at Christmas when my two grandchildren gave me the big cooking pot from you, I started to cook in it but it would always burn my food, I tried and tried again but it still has a burning on the bottom of the pot. Yhe kids lost the receipe for the pot and now I have nothing. Is there any way you can help mee, THANK YOU SOO MUCH NFOR LISTENING TO MY STORY PLEASE FORGIVE MY TYPING I am 74 and just learning to use the Computer. My name is Shirley Kohl Wheeling ILLINOIS

By Anonymous on April 16, 2011


By Anonymous on April 16, 2011


Hi Paula, As a Pampered Chef consultant I am all about quick, easy meals that fit any budget, that is the #1 reason I love your newsletter. You connect me to some of the best recipes a girl can get. Thanks to you and your two wonderful sons for a job well done!!!

By Shelly Flanagan on April 13, 2011


Ive alwaysed watch ur show on t.v. and loved what you have made to all your viewers.When watching u make all these delisious and yummy foods, well I dreamed of making them for myself have not yet had the opportunity of doing it yet, some day soon i will beable to. My older son likes "Stuffed Mushrooms W/ bacon and cream cheese" so ive made them . They are soooooo good ive had to make them more time then once. Paula you are such a beatiful woman and have such handsome son`s that y`all keep up the wonderful cooking that you do and dont stop what you love doing. over here in Post Falls

By Danette D Block on April 13, 2011


Boys, I have all of your cookbooks and cant wait for this one.I ordered mine from QVC and one for a gift.Hope to see you again in Atlanta in May.Say hi to your Mama for me. Cheryl Baker

By cheryl Baker on April 12, 2011


Love ur show. would like for u 2 put thye ingredients on what ur cooking on the screen while u prepare it.

By Linda Simmons on April 12, 2011


What are the names of your other books? I want to make sure that I have all of them. Thank you

By Toni Carroll on April 12, 2011

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