Frosting Skills: Beautiful Rose Petal Cupcakes!

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Frosting Skills: Beautiful Rose Petal Cupcakes!

By The Paula Deen Test Kitchen

What could possibly be cuter than pink cupcakes, y’all? How about these pretty pink cupcakes with roses right on top?  Follow our how to and learn to make these impressive treats on your own! 

imageStep 1: Gather your ingredients and equipment. First things first, bake up some cupcakes and make a reliable butter cream frosting. It’s important that the frosting is cold and that the cupcakes are completely cooled off. The necessary tools are a butter knife or off set spatula, a pastry bag and coupler, a rubber spatula (for adding frosting to the piping bag), a mug to set the piping bag in to stabilize it as you fill it, and most importantly, you will need 2 specific pastry tips (#10 and # 104). You can buy these tips at most baking or craft stores. They’re also easily found online.


imageStep 2: Here’s a close up picture of the two tips. #10 is a small round tip, which makes the center bud of the rose, and #104 is called a rose tip (and makes the petals).


imageStep 3: Frost a thick layer of frosting on the domes of the cupcakes. Work all the way to the edge. This will be your base.


imageStep 4: Fit your piping bag with the coupler, and then fill your pastry bag halfway with frosting. Twist the top so no frosting will leak out. Fit the pastry bag with the #10 tip. Place the tip in the center of the cupcake, give a squeeze, and slowly pull the bag up. This will be the center of the rose or the bud.


imageStep 5: Switch from the #10 tip to the #104.


imageStep 6: Now it’s time to start making the petals. Start by placing the wider end of the tip down and the thinner end up. Firmly squeeze the bag and pipe a small arched petal around the base of the bud.


imageStep 7: Turn the cupcake just slightly and pipe another arched petal, overlapping the first.


imageStep 8: Turn the cupcake again and make another overlapping petal. 


imageStep 9: Continue turning and piping petals, overlapping petals making the outer petals longer as you get father away from the center bud.


imageStep 10: Voila! Your cupcakes are coming up roses!


Helpful hints:
+ If it’s a hot day, and your frosting is starting to melt, pop the cupcakes and piping bag into the fridge for a few minutes to firm it up.

+ We find it’s easiest to pipe when the bag is not filled to the top.

+ If you mess up, just wipe away the rose and start again!

+ Take your time and have fun!

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Reader Comments:


They look to good to eat! I only have a petal tip and instead of using the round tip, I make a small petal and rolled it into a small tube. I also made my roses on a separate sheet, and moved them onto the cupcakes with a knife. I had no idea roses this beautiful were so easy (as in not requiring years of training) to make. Thank you very, very much!

By Melissa on April 04, 2013


I am looking for the butterscotch bars you showed with you brother Bubba.

By Anonymous on August 01, 2012


I will definately try this, long ago I could make roses for cakes, but never have done that on top of a cupcake, it is really pretty and looks easy, thanks

By louise Schuster on July 31, 2012


the roses on the cupcakes turned out beautiful. Thank you soo much. Thanks for taking the step by step to show that even "dummies" like me can do it.I too am diabetic and you are doing fantastic. love ya, Jackie

By Jackie Patton on July 31, 2012


You can take it a step farther and put pastel green leaves at the base of the flower.

By Anonymous on July 31, 2012


I'm wondering on a rating scale of one to ten how difficult the rose petals would be, I'm not very "gifted" with a pastry bag with "tips!" I'm having a wedding celebration in September in the my family and would love to be able to do something along these lines. . . Paula's right, "Perfectly Pretty!" I really loved Paula and still do, but especially before she became SOOO freaking famous and wealthy, it really takes "away" from her being so geniune and connecting so well with her audience, especially her fellow "southerners!" We can certainly see the HUGH change. . . some good, others NOT so good. I love the fact that she worked very hard and actually "made it", what I do not like is actually forgetting where you came from!

By kaye on July 31, 2012


Haven't tried the rrecipes yet but I soon will be trying them out. I love Paula Dean

By Patricia Stephenson on July 26, 2012



By emily g profeta on July 26, 2012


I love Paula Deen! i watch her shows all the time! i try some of the food she cooks on her shows.

By Renee Farley on July 26, 2012


This is an easier way to make roses than when I took a class in the70s

By Laurelei Waddell on July 26, 2012


Just learned how to make roses at a cake decorating class, and this technique looks much easier!

By Addie on July 26, 2012

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