Paula Entertains

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Paula Entertains

By Paula Deen Test Kitchen

Exciting announcement! Michaels rolls out Paula’s brand new line of entertaining items!

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times, “It’s all about the presentation.”

Paula adores giving the gift of food to say thank you, get well soon, or even just to say, “Hey y’all! I was just thinking about you.” Her favorite part though, aside from sneaking a taste here and there, is dressing up her sweet little goodies in new and creative wrapping and packaging. That’s how you know it’s love!

Do you want to know the best part? Dressing up your food isn’t hard at all! After all these years of being told not to play with your food, and you finally have the chance. Making lasting impressions with your culinary confections can be just as easy (and fun!) as whipping them up!

Here are some easy ways to add a little playful pizzazz to your kitchen.

imageTry adding a brightly colored cupcake wrapper on your next batch of Blueberry Muffin instead of traditional tin foil liners, and share them with your co-workers for a little mid-morning office snack! Here, these jewel-toned wrappers perfectly compliment the deep purple hues of the blueberries.
imageFriends and family members alike will love a loaf of Homemade Bread, sweetly packaged in this precious breadbox. It’s even got a window so you can peek inside! Add a homemade card for an extra-special word from the heart.
imageDid someone say garnish? Perk up your next party with these delicate and delicious Old-Fashioned Cupcakes. Colorful cupcake liners with an endearing message set off the flower petals perched on top of these sweet little things.
imageGet a little personal with fun gift tags. These jars of Canned Tomatoes are the perfect way to say thank you with these eye-catching gift tags. Tie them on with a bit of twine for a real down-home touch. (Need help canning? Don’t miss Paula’s Canning 101!)

Paula loves getting creative with whatever she’s got laying around the house, or in any one of her craft drawers. But if you need a little help, all of these fabulous items from the Paula Deen Entertaining Collection (and a whole lot more, y’all) can be found at a Michaels craft store near you, the Paula Deen Store (1-866-95-PAULA), or in the Paula Deen Online Store!

Don’t forget to comment and share your creative ideas!

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Reader Comments:

I purchased the bread loaf liners at Michaels.  The size is 6/41 x 2.91 x 2.56.  Cannot find a loaf pan to fit these!  Too small for the regular size loaf pan and too large for the mini loaf pan.  Any suggestions?

By Karen on August 17, 2010

I like the bread boxes, but does anyone know where these can be bought in bulk and less costly? Does WalMart have anything like this. It would be nice if WalMart started stocking these items as well. I wish the jar labels were downloadable so we could print ones like this at home. Love you Paula! Keep up the great ideas!

By Cathy Sourwine on August 11, 2010

I read Mary Burch’s article i cant figure it out she dosent agree with Paula;s ideas, if Paulas food looked messy on her show and didn’t look appitizing who the heck would watch! I cook for my family and friends all the time and always make my food look good,it gives me much satisfaction! You go Paula ,love you and your show.Baby Jack is just beautiful,grandchildren really complete your life.

By Rosie Church on August 08, 2010

Paula…Why not do more diabetic meals for people like me who have type 1?  We are a forgotten breed by all of Food network chefs….Thanks
Marilyn Singleton

By Marilyn Singleton on August 03, 2010

I bought the cupcake papers at Michael’s. they do not fit in any of the tins I have and I have four different brands. The papers ripple around the edges and look very sloppy. I think they are beautiful to look at but are poorly made and will not buy them again or recommend them.

By Peggy on July 26, 2010

“All the best and by the way, my dream is to own a sweet Airstream!
Libbie Summers, Senior Food Editor for Paula Deen”

” have a fully equipped Airstream Kitchen that I call Mom’s Kitchen and I will be driving it over there to feed those sweet people who are suffering.”

Thought this may be of interest since the subject kept coming up.

By ga on July 24, 2010

can any of these products be purchased online?? i can’t seem to find them on the online store

By nedz on July 23, 2010

The ultimate goal of preparing food is it’s taste and being able to satisfy our “tummies”. BUT, as the old saying goes - we first “eat” with our eyes. I try to make food look appetizing for my friends and family.  These muffin cups and other food presentation items are so nice when I prepare food for friends and neighbors as gifts for birthdays, parties or just to say “Hi Neighbor!” It makes it just a little extra special - hopefully my food tastes good enough to just be sent over on a white paper plate but I also enjoy making my food gift nice to look at. Hopefully this isn’t reason enough to send me to the “funny farm”! Everyone is different. I enjoy entertaining, barbeques, etc. and while I enjoy serving tasty food - to me it is enjoyable to add some elements of fun in how it is presented to my friends and family. I happen to enjoy it!

By sweetmormor on July 21, 2010



By Paula Johnson on July 21, 2010

My husband and I love your show, Paula but we do not necessarily agree with some of your ideas.

Our 17 children and my 9 grandchildren tell my husband and me that I’m an “old” country gal and my husband is an “old” country guy. My husband, who used to own a restaurant in Colorado, and I don’t care about the presentation of the foods we prepare.  My husband and I are not out to impress anyone with how pretty our dishes are, we’re both out to impress folks with how tasty our dishes are.

As far as entertaining goes, we only have time to entertain our children, grandchildren and a few good friends, none of which are impressed with “pretty”, only with good taste.

While chatting on the phone earlier this evening with several of our grown daughters and sons, we got onto the subject of this article. They all told me that if we’d present food to them that looks “pretty” such as your ideas in this article, they’d all be 110% convinced that our sanity is completely gone and they’d have to send us both to an “old folks” home (nursing home).

Our children, grandchildren, and our few close friends have all told us they think that my husband and I are both “extremely” good cooks. There are some dishes that my husband makes that taste better than mine and there are some dishes that I make that taste better than his so we take turns cooking. Our dishes are not “pretty” but they sure are scrumptious! That’s what really counts.

By Mary Burch on July 21, 2010

In late June, my family and I went to Tunica, MS for the week-end. Just like we did last year we ate at your buffet in Harrah’s Casino. This year the food was not up to the quality it was last year. Then in July, we visited your restaurant in Savannah and thoroughly enjoyed the food. What a difference between Harrah’s and Lady and Sons!!

By Betty Catanese on July 20, 2010

The green jadeite looking cake stand which holds the Old-Fashioned Cupcakes wouldn’t be one of the items that it is sold by Paula Deen, would it?

By Lana on July 20, 2010

Hey Barbara Collins! Bless you and your friends for everything you are doing to help others. Yes, The Deen Brother’s Take It Easy book has a lot of very simple meals that can be made in a hurry. Any of Paula’s books have wonderful classic meals that can be made in abundance. I don’t think you can go wrong with either. All the best and by the way, my dream is to own a sweet Airstream!
Libbie Summers, Senior Food Editor for Paula Deen

By Libbie Summers on July 20, 2010

Paula, or whomever reads these for her.  I just love your Show..when I visited my sister in Jacksonville, Florida, we drove up to Savannah to visit your Restaurant and Gift Shop..I so loved both of them, and your Food was great..also had my picture taken with Jamie..he is so handsome..It was a wonderful surprise to find him in the Gift Shopn that day.  Love Ya, Karen

By Karen Sipes on July 20, 2010

I already purchased several items last week after I saw the display at Michael’s and I wanted everything!  I love the decorated quickbread liners - just like pleated cupcake liners but for loaves of bread! And I love the coasters with your sweet tea recipe on them. I bought a matching cookie tin and I will be going back to check out more additions! So much fun everyone! Love you Paula!

By sweetmormor on July 20, 2010

A group of ladies and I are going to travel to Grand Isle LA to help those folks there by just bringing them some home cooked meals.  I have a fully equipped Airstream Kitchen that I call Mom’s Kitchen and I will be driving it over there to feed those sweet people who are suffering.  Can you recommend any of your cookbooks that would be great for quick meals that feed lots of people?  This will all be free and we are looking to head over in Sept.  Would love a surprise visit from you.  It would bless us, but more importantly it would bless those people who have lost everything.  Let me know and will be using some of your added touches to my food as I prepare for the trip of a life time.

By Barbara Collins on July 20, 2010

Thought this was kind of interesting and wanted to share with other fans of Paula’s. I For several days now I have been thinking of baking cupcakes and adding fresh blueberries since this is the season for fresh blueberries and peaches.As I was on my computer this morning I saw where Michael was showing new giftware from Paula’s line and what was the first receipe she spoke of was blueberry muffins in decorative cupcake liners instead of muffin tins. Wanted to share this thought with everyone since I found it so interesting.

By Kay Meeks on July 20, 2010

I give homemade bread as gifts a lot and would love to get some of the cute bread gift boxes shown.  I did not see them on your site or Michaels (they only show white)- do you have them for sale?

By Paula Johnson on July 20, 2010

When I first looked at the post on facebook, I thought it was Paula’s husband Michael that was coming out with a new line…hahahaha, love it tho.

By Candy on July 20, 2010

I love Paula Deen I love Savannah, Georgia. I live near a Michaels So I will go there today and check the new stuff out. I need cupcake liners anyway

By Carole Johnson on July 20, 2010

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