End of Summer Grilling Recipes!

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End of Summer Grilling Recipes!

By The Paula Deen Test Kitchen

As the month of August nears its end, we all feel that end of summer push.  Maybe it’s a last weekend getaway to the beach or a few extra days off to work in the garden or lounge in the sun by the pool.  Whatever it is you choose, that need to take advantage of every sunny day and warm evening is something we all feel.  A great way to enjoy the end of summer is with an outdoor BBQ.  Nobody wants to cook outside on a chilly winter night, so get that grill going at least one more time and cook up some of these delicious Paula Deen summertime favorites:

Chicken on the Grill Crispy smoky skin with delicious and juicy meat, this is the perfect dish to feed a family.  Take advantage of the last peaches of summer and make Paula’s grilled peach salad to go along side.  Keep it all on the grill and fix up some grilled potatoes to round out the meal.  A simple and hearty summer dinner.

Grilled NY Strip Tease A wonderful cut of tender and juicy steak served with a decedent red wine sauce, your friends will be so impressed.  Add some vegetables with Paula’s truffle potato and carrot puree, and it’s a perfect meal.

Cedar Plank Salmon with Wasabi Dip Cedar planks are a great way to grill fish with no worries of it sticking to the grates.  The wasabi dip gives this fish a real kick.  Keep with the Asian theme and serve it with Paula’s broccoli cole slaw made with crunchy ramen noodles and Asian-inspired seasoning.

Grilled Boneless Sirloin with Vidalia Onions Deliciously seasoned steak on a skewer with sweet grilled onions is a great combination.  Coal roasted sweet potatoes cook right in the hot coals of your grill or on the grate and will go wonderfully with the skewers.  Toss up a corn and asparagus salad and dinner is done.

Tuna Steaks with Lemon Pepper Butter Meaty tuna steaks smothered in creamy and fresh lemon butter over a piece of grilled bread, this is not your average sandwich.  Give this meal a real kick and serve it with some Creole french fries.  Round it all out with some of Paula’s easy grilled vegetables.

Jerk Shrimp Kebobs Full of flavoring from the jerk seasoning this is shrimp like you have never had it.  Balanced out with the sweetness from the tomato and bell peppers this is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.  Mix up a batch of creamy and cheesy tomato grits on the side and there you have a twist on the classic.


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Reader Comments:


Thanks so much for the tip on freezing herbs. I have a good variety of herbs and the last few years I've picked and dried them for the winter.THis sounds like a great alternative.

By Teresa Martin on September 08, 2013


Dear Paula, my name is Lil I just want to drop you a letter to let you know my prayers are with you. I am sorry that you are going through this right now but I also know that we have trials and tribulations that we have to go through. I have always told everyone that you are my long lost grandmother. My grandma died the year I was born and I have adopted several women who have had a major inffluence in my life who I call grandma. I am a black woman. I cook well because of my Mom and Aunt Mary but I cook great because of you. I love you Paula Deen! You make me a star. I just made your cornucopia salad, your "not your mommas banana pudding" and your cornbread saladWe all say Inappropriate things and I am sure your friend is willing to forgive you as long as you are willing to make the proper restitution that is due her. You are a role model Paula Deen and unfortunately for you, you are held at a higher standard. It is not o.k for you to use the N word, nor is it o.k. For you to forget the little people. I will continue to support you because you are my long lost grandmother

By Lil D on September 02, 2013


Paula, I am so proud of you and your hard work all these years, you really give us all inspiration. Stay the same and keep up that southern cookin. Love your friends, Lynne and Deron from The FruitCake Capital of the World, Claxton, Ga 30417 Ole Fashion Claxton Fruitcake

By Lynne Kicklighter on September 01, 2013


Just have to love this lady, keep up and hope to see her on TV once again My husband now gone, watched her everyday and enjoyed many of her recipes

By Vicki on August 31, 2013


All look good tried some 10 out of 10

By Robert Meyers on August 31, 2013


Looking for canoilis recipes

By Bob on August 31, 2013


I will support you, till I or you take our last breath, you are truely what The south is about god bless

By Janice Lamm on August 31, 2013


Sure wish you had your show back Paula! I really miss see you and your show every day! Great recipes! Sincerely, Reatha Bryant

By Reatha Bryant on August 31, 2013


Pauls anything you make is fantastic.

By Rose Riefer on August 31, 2013


your a great cook Paula im 72yrs. old and i love cooking keep up the good work God Bless

By gloria drouillard on August 31, 2013


Dear Paula and Sons, I have loved your show forever - lived in beautiful So Carolina and still miss it today; there was a local special called "Chicken Stew" (in the Laurens area) that a wonderful lady, Ms. Moore, used to make for my late husband and me and it was FABULOUS!, Her recipe used her own "colored bowls" as sizes for 'taters, onions, corn, sweet milk along with ingredients and I could NEVER get it to come out right! The local stores also sold it by quarts - fantastic!! Wondering if you know about this great dish and if so, do you have the recipe to share? I miss little Laurens, South Carolina so much every day - wishing I could come back there in a year or so when I am retired. Love you Paula!!!

By jeannine watson holtz on August 31, 2013


I just love all your recipes. My Momma came from the south and I recognize so many of the things you make. I am happy for your climb to fame and don't let this mess that the media has blown out of proportion get to you girl. I'm 68 and have been though some adversities in my time too, so I totally understand. It seems when someone makes good, there is always someone looking to take you down. It happened to Martha Stewart and she rose like a pheonix out of the ashes. They just can't keep a good,smart woman down. Love those gooey butter cakes. Have you ever heard of cheese egg. That's what Momma used to call it. Love you, take care and fight those trouble makers to the ground. Cher. in Wisconsin. Who adores your shows and is hoping you will find another outlet so I can see more.

By Cherrie Joseph on August 31, 2013


Like your recipes and love you,hope you will soon have a cooking show again. Anna Rasberry

By Anna Rasberry on August 31, 2013


Please keep the recipe's coming we all miss your smiling face and great laugther.

By KAREN on August 31, 2013


Will try as soon as possible!..........xoxo

By Judy duncan on August 31, 2013


Thanks Paula for these great recipes. Knew you would weather this storm. keep on smiling and putting our your own web page. I also like the new lower calorie recipes. I just found out I am a Diabetec.

By PEGGY A VAN METER on August 31, 2013


I love you Paula. I have made many of your recipes and I have all your books. I will be making "Not Your Mamas Banana Pudding" this Labor Day weekend.

By Monica Levy on August 29, 2013


Grilled peaches? You are mine tomorrow on Labor Day! Thanks for the SWEET idea!

By Hope @ Fairhope Supply Co. on September 01, 2012

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