Earth Mother: Fun Valentine’s Crafts for the Kids!

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Earth Mother: Fun Valentine’s Crafts for the Kids!

By Martha Lee

These crafts are so very fun and easy to do with kids of all ages! My daughter, Naomi, and I had a blast, and I hope you all will too.  Naomi especially approved of the use of glitter, paint, and all things pink and red!

This year, instead of going out and buying Valentine’s, we created some to give away to friends and family. These cute little mice are for Naomi’s preschool class.  We used Hershey Kisses left over from Christmastime, and they turned out so cute! What a fun way to create and work together on something that is sure to be remembered. We even had a few leftovers, so we took them to her daddy’s office, and she passed them out to his coworkers. It turned out to be a sweet Valentine’s surprise for the ladies at the office, and Naomi felt so big sharing her treats with everybody.

Homemade Valentines serve as fun, unique ways to show love and care and can be keepsakes for years to come.  How cute are these homemade hand and footprint cards? The handprint hearts are for my children’s grandparents, and I had my daughter help me write special notes to each grandparent around the hearts.  Older kids could write their very own notes to loved ones making them extra special for the occasion. 

The footprint cards are for Daddy. Aren’t they just precious??  I’m tempted to have them framed. Kids have so much fun creating them, painting, gluing, and glittering, and they’re so much more memorable and entertaining than cards at the store!

No Valentine is complete without a little chocolate, so we’ve provided an easy how-to for chocolate covered pretzels.  Naomi loved dipping the pretzels in the melted chocolate and covering them with sprinkles…and eating the results!

I hope you all have a fabulous Valentine’s Day, and be sure to squeeze the ones you love!



Hershey Kisses Mice
What you’ll need:
-yellow construction paper
-red or pink construction paper
-Hershey Kisses
-googly craft eyes
-glue stick
-pen, pencil

- Using the red or pink construction paper, make a 1-1.5” wide heart with the pencil (this heart makes the ears of the mouse, so it needs to be small enough to fit behind the Hershey Kiss).  When satisfied with the heart, cut it out and trace it to make more hearts.  Let children help cut out the hearts.

-Now take the yellow construction paper and create triangles to be used as the cheese that the Hershey mice sit on. Create just as many as the hearts by tracing and cutting just as you did for the hearts.

-On to the feet!  Just being creative, trace out small patterns making 6 curves creating the toes of the mice.  I found it easiest to make 6 loops and connect them with one straight line at the bottom for easy tracing and cutting.  The Hershey Kiss sits on top of the straight side so you can’t see it when finished, and only the toes stick out. Very cute!

-Now that all of the cutting is done, it’s time for pasting and finishing the mice creations! This is really fun for the little ones as they are finally able to see the finished product! Carefully glue the heart to the back of the Hershey Kiss and press down.  Take two little eyes and glue to the front.  On a corner of the triangle, place a circle of glue, and glue the feet to the front of the circle, and place the Hershey Kiss on top leaving the toes to peek out the front. Let the glue dry, and at the very end, write (or let your children write) “Mice to know you!” on the side of the triangular “piece of cheese.”


Hand and Footprint Valentine Cards:
-Help your little ones create timeless Valentine’s for the ones they love! They’ll love to get their hands and feet wet with this creation!

What you’ll need: (Handprints)
-Pink and Red Paint
-Elmer’s glue
-white construction paper
-2 small bowls or paper plates
-sponge or paintbrush

-Place a little of each paint in separate bowls. Have child place either hand in red paint or use sponge/paintbrush to paint hand. At a slight angle, place the child’s hand on the paper. Paint other hand alternate color.  Overlapping the thumb on the paper with the other thumb, carefully place hand down on the paper.  Use the glue to form a heart around the overlapping handprints.  Have your child help to sprinkle glitter until all of the glue is covered. Leave out to dry. Once dry, have your child (or help them) write sweet messages around the heart to the one they love!

What you’ll need: (Footprints)
-Red paint
-Elmer’s glue
-white and black construction paper
-silver pen

-Fold white paper in half longways and make the outline of half of a heart with pencil.  Cut out the heart. Open heart and glue in the middle of black construction paper. Paint child’s foot with red paint and carefully place down on white paper at a slight angle. Paint other foot and as placing down on paper, overlap heel with red heel already on paper.  Outline the heart in glue.  Have your child help sprinkle glitter on the glue until all covered.  Once dry, write (or let child write) with silver marker, “From the bottom of my heart to the tips of my toes…I love you!”  This is a great craft for young kids to give to parents or grandparents. 


Chocolate Covered Pretzels:
-2 bags of white chocolate morsels
-1 bag of pretzel twists
-7.5-10oz Valentine sprinkles
-wax paper

-In a double boiler (or microwave-safe bowl), heat chocolates until melted (stirring occasionally).  Dip pretzels halfway in chocolate dripping off excess chocolate.  Using two bowls, pour sprinkles over the pretzel from one bowl to the other, alternating sides of pretzel until covered. Place on wax paper to cool. Share with friends, and enjoy!

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