Doing Good for the Community with Just a Vote

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Doing Good for the Community with Just a Vote

By Lisa Scarbrough

If you know Paula, you know that she is a big animal lover. It was one of just the many things that made me so happy to come and work for her. Paula is a woman after my own heart, with her menagerie of birds, chickens, and dogs. If that isn’t enough, she even provided us with an office cat, Norma Jean, who sits in on some of our meetings and makes sure everyone stays in line.

For the last nine months, I have been mom to a beautiful baby boy. But for the 31 years before that, I was foster mom to hundreds of stray pets. About ten years ago, I started rescuing pets on my own, which led to me founding Coastal Pet Rescue here in Savannah on my 23rd birthday in 2003. I was ecstatic when Paula decided to adopt an orange tabby from me shortly after I joined her team.


If you can imagine, running an all-volunteer non-profit can be rather taxing, and certainly not cheap. On top of veterinary expenses and providing for food, there’s a lot of travel involved, which means money for the gas and more miles on our main “puppymobile.” That’s why we look to grants and contests to help us with funding, and right now, we have a very big opportunity.


The CPR “puppymobile” has various uses, such as rescuing a mom and her seven puppies from an animal control shelter where they would have otherwise been euthanized, collecting 127 pounds of pet fur to be stuffed in oil booms along the Gulf Coast (May 2010), and delivering supplies to an animal shelter in Rome, GA to feed animals displaced by tornadoes (April 2011).

On Sunday, May 29th, you can log on to the Toyota USA Facebook page and help Coastal Pet Rescue win a brand new Toyota SUV to help transport pets. Our current vehicle is over 11 years old and has over 187,000 miles on it. How wonderful would it be to be for us to save money on repairs and be assured that our transports will be safe for the pets and volunteers? Best of all, it doesn’t cost anymore than a couple minutes of your time.

Here’s how to vote:

1. On Sunday, May 29th (not before, not after), go to

2. Like their page.

3. Click the “100 Cars for Good” link on the left.

4. Vote for Coastal Pet Rescue by clicking the box next to “Vote.”

5. Click the checkbox to confirm your vote, then click “confirm” again.

(Only one vote per Facebook account.)

Paula was kind enough to appear in our appeal video to help us win a finalist spot for this contest. Now we need your vote to make our dream a reality.

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Reader Comments:


After reading this blog about Paula adopting an orange tabby, I wanted to share the story of another special cat who has become Paula’s unlikely namesake. We run a foster animal shelter (in PA) and this cat's story shares uncanny similarities with recent events. =========== On a cold February day in Philadelphia, the new tenants of a vacant home were surprised to find it already occupied by a sickly (yet spirited) little orange cat. Concerned for her health and wary of her future in a shelter; the callers turned the homeless cat over to the Animal Coalition of Delaware County. We instantly saw the potential in this spunky little cat, and willingly accepted the challenge of restoring her health and securing her future. However, as is often the case, the road to recovery had many unforeseen turns and bumps. A vet exam revealed the newly rescued cat had a severe gingiva infection, was undernourished, and in too much pain to eat. After undergoing emergency dental surgery and the removal of 6 teeth, she was syringe fed until she could resume eating solid food. Furthermore, the cat was also found to be diabetic. This was discovered at the same time Paula Deen announced that she was diabetic. The foster family felt this was more than mere coincidence; and believing it was a good omen they promptly named the cat “Purrla Deen.” Purrla’s treatment consists of daily insulin injections to prevent a fatal build-up of toxins, her blood sugar is monitored using an at-home test kit, and she maintains a low carb, high protein diet. Because diabetic cats are more prone to infections, she has suffered several urinary tract and skin infections. Through the intervention of many caring people and two years in a nurturing foster home, Purrla’s health has stabilized and she has become the loving, playful, and gracious cat she was always meant to be. Both Purrla and Paula have beaten the odds and overcome significant hardships in their lives. While Purrla’s story doesn’t yet have the rags to riches ending that her namesake enjoys; her future is now filled with potential instead of adversity. Purrla isn’t looking for nine lives - just one very good and very long one! For additional details & photos visit

By Animal Coalition of DelCo on August 09, 2012


Thank you to everyone who voted. We came in second place with 28% of the votes. We had been really hopeful, but the agency we lost to does a lot of great work as well, so we congratulate them on their win. Again, thank you for the kind words and votes. Lisa Scarbrough President/Founder Coastal Pet Rescue Savannah, GA

By Lisa the Admin on June 02, 2011


I myself love animals. It used to make my husband so mad because I would always be picking up strays and bringing them home. Sometimes I would have 15 cats at a time because I would stop beside the road and pick them up . People should have their pets spayed or nutered if they do not want more comon sense if you don't have them fixed they are going to have more. I think it is wonderful what you do to help pets.. If I could I would have a shelter myself ,because here were we live people discard little animals like trash . Paula is a special person, I watch her on food network all the time . Keep up the good work not only Paula but everyone who cares for and love pets.

By Loretta on May 30, 2011


Just want to say thank you for all you do especially for animals. I myself have 7 resuced cats and one rescued dog. So God Bless you for your compassion and devotion for without people like you so many animals would not be here!!!! Keep doing such wonderful work. A great chef and animal lover! I so look up to you.

By Donna Gretsuk on May 29, 2011


By Donna Gretsuk on May 29, 2011


i love paula i watch all her shows shes my role model and i love her boys and her cute hubby:)

By rhonda hutson on May 29, 2011


By Kathy Williams on May 29, 2011


Pets give all owners unconditional love daily. In a disaster they sould not be left behind. If they are for any reason every human needs to find and care for them. Until their owners reclaim their immediate family members.

By mikifinn on May 29, 2011


Thanks for all that you do, Lisa. Every rescue is so meaningful. Having several rescued animals (5 cats, 2 dogs), and fostering others temorarily, I can truly appreciate your work! Hey Paula - how about helping this group out with a vehicle if they don't win one?? I'm sure it would be one of the most rewarding ways you could ever spend some money! The rescues will also love you forever!!

By Karen on May 29, 2011


they're are so many abused and nelegected animals in and around my counties here in southern illinois and these people don't think it's against the law and they think they can get by and the people don't/won't do any thing about in my county we here a thing called "pets at risk " where they find homes and help feed pets and help get them spayed and some people are starting up this no-kill shelter in this next county and not having much luck...these pets needs someone to help them

By mary cainblu on May 29, 2011


good is good and yall are good people

By david h norris sr on May 29, 2011


All my life I brought home stray animals, cats, dogs, birds, lizards, snakes,even baby mice and rats from the houses I cleaned out at the Safari (GA, NJ). I salute you and all caregivers of rescue shelters. I at the present time have 4 dogs (2 too many for town ord) and 2 cats. One of the dogs came to me as a babysitting job for a couple of hours. When I saw CC (Lady Bug) for the first time I just could not give her back. She was skin and bones and terrified. She had to learn how to play. Today she is a beautiful dog that is so lovable. There is a "No Kill" Shelter I donate to that I could take her but I just cant make that move. She is the best dog anyone could have. So this weekend I Honor you and so many others who have felt the same Love that I have all my life. Sylvia

By Sylvia Mashaw on May 29, 2011


I just thank god that there are people out there that loves animals like myself enough to do this! Goodluck at all you do! God bless!

By rachael on May 29, 2011


I voted and have encouraged my FB friends to vote as well!!

By Jeannie Ferguson on May 29, 2011


I have loved animals all my life I have 3 cat's that I love so dearly they are so much like my children.I am not able to work I am a handicap and my Children are all grown up and have family's of there own. So that is why I support the Animals with all I can. My babies are like my own and I know what it is like to loose someone or a pet for that matter. I lost my son at 23 and my Poodle Misty at 10. So I have supported the animals all across the country. I'm not asking to win anything I just wanted to share my story. Thank you all so much. Penny

By penny Albritton on May 29, 2011


Thank you so much for letting me know about this! I am a HUGE animal lover & I am more than happy to cast my vote for you! God bless you for everything you do.

By Cheryl Glodowski on May 29, 2011


Lisa, thank you and all the CPR Volunteers for everything you do every day. Voting takes just a moment and so much can be accomplished with the push of a key. Thank you again and I look forward to boothing it up with you sometime soon! Karen & the critters @ crittersville

By GabrielDeafBlindPupFamily on May 29, 2011


We adopted our baby girl (shihtzu named Brenda) from Coastal Pet Rescue on March 8, 2004. She has been an absolute joy to us, and is healthy and happy! Thank you for what you do!

By Jennifer O'Dell on May 29, 2011


Ahoy, Lisa and Paula! Mermaid Cottages is proud to support Coastal Pet Rescue and Toyoya's 100 Cars For Good! All of our wonderful cottages (including Paula Deen's Y'all Come Inn) are 100% booked for this weekend and we've asked every guest to VOTE on Sunday as part of our Mermaids Make A Difference Program for Socially Conscious Vacations. Wish upon a Mermaid and POOF! it's done! Y'all be sure to VOTE for Coastal Pet Rescue on Sunday, May 29th. Momma Lisa needs a new ride to help pets in need! David At Your Service Mermaid Cottages Tybee Island, GA

By David Barwick on May 28, 2011



By amy nameis , katie bennett ,i live in new haven In on May 28, 2011

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