Creepin’ in on Halloween

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Creepin’ in on Halloween

By Paula Deen

As soon as the first leaves begin to turn color and fall, I know that Halloween is just around the corner. ‘Course, when I was a little girl, “just around the corner” felt like an eternity. I must’ve asked Momma a thousand times, “How many more days?” I have such fond memories of Halloween. For one night I could be anything I wanted to be—and boy did I believe it. I’d pull on my old recital tutu and imagine I was the prima ballerina in “Swan Lake.” Or I’d pull on some of Daddy’s rag-tag clothes he kept for workin’ in the yard and fancy myself a hobo. I begged for candy like it was the only meal I’d get all day, and it must’ve worked because I ended up with enough candy to last me the whole year.

Sure I was cute, but there is just nothing more precious than a baby dressed up for Halloween. I’ve seen a hot tamale, a peacock and even a pea pod. The parents seem to enjoy it most, snapping pictures left and right. Brooke has always been so good about having my grandson Jack participate, no matter how small he was. When he was just eight weeks old, she dressed him up like a turkey! Can you imagine that? I almost had to cancel Thanksgiving, y’all. Then the next year he came to my door dressed as the most adorable spider I’ve ever seen. That child could’ve taken me for all I’m worth—and I think he did . . . in candy. Now that I have two new grandbabies, I’m not sure my heart will even be able to take it.

Y’all, Jack and those new grandbabies give me even more reason to come up with ways to make Halloween special. This year I’m making Candy Gloves—plastic gloves filled with treats and tied with a ribbon. You can either fill ‘em with your favorite candy or try your “hand” at my colorful, homemade Monster Mix. I figure the kids get so much sugar that the least I can do is offer them something a bit more satisfying, like popcorn and nuts. And in my experience, presentation is everything—kids are more likely to eat food that is fun. Plus, Candy Gloves make for great, edible decorations!

When I was little, I always said that I’d grow up to have the best trick-or-treatin’ house around—one of those houses that handed out gift bags or super-sized candy. Never would I hand out carrot sticks or tell a child to “just take one.” Maybe it’s petty wanting to be the best Halloween house on the block, but one thing’s for sure: it’s the most fun I have all year.

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Reader Comments:


Hi Paula! Thank you for all of the good ideas! I can't tell you how much I miss your TV shows; the food channel is just not the same without you! You are looking great these days! We all miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love and God Bless Cheri

By Cheri Ray on October 18, 2013


Hi Angela, Here is the cookbook you're looking for:

By Jonathan Able on October 20, 2011


I love homemade Halloween treats. I can't wait to make them. Right now I'm making cookies for my youngest son's wedding because in Pittsburgh you don't have a wedding without tons of cookies. My baby grandson is 17 months old and we're looking forward to Halloween. Also, last Monday we had a baby girl born into the family, his baby sister. So much joy here. Enjoy the holidays. Your new cookbook is on my wishlist.

By Karen Cortese on October 18, 2011


Watched the Rachel Raye show today and had a ball watching it. My husband liked your recipe on the Smothered Chicken so much that he had to go on line to see it. Also he went and Purchased your new book. Also Halloween and Christmas was always my favorite time of the year too.

By donna on October 17, 2011


Paula, When I was a little girl, our across the street neighbor was an older lady, who made caramel popcorn balls every Halloween for the kids! Her house was the favorite! I'll never forget how yummy & special those treats were!

By alb407 on October 13, 2011


Got your new cookbook this morning from Walmart and cant wait to use some of the recipes! I loved you on Dr. Oz and good luck with all you do!

By Kimberly on October 12, 2011


Hi Paula Deen I love your food I have made your cupcake it was the best I can't wait to get another cookbook of yours I have your Lunchbox Set one I love that I also have your First Cookbook one I also like that one that one is my favorite do you make your Halloween candy? I hope so and What are you going to be for Halloween a Turkey a Spider I wounder what? Your Friend, Ana

By Ana Owusu on October 12, 2011


Hi Paula I need to know the name of Your cook book that was aired on Dr Oz on October 11,2011 Thanks muchly

By Angela Fernandes on October 12, 2011


Paula, I absolutely LOVE your show and watch it everyday to get your recipes and laugh along with you. I love it! Your recipes are easy to follow and taste better than any other cookbook I've used! And I loved you in Elizabethtown smile Thank you thank you thank you!

By Brittney NovaMetzler on October 12, 2011


I love you Paula....those grandbabies are soooo lucky to have you for a grandmother!

By Natalie robinson on October 12, 2011


We love you me and my 7 year old daughter DeAnna watch all our shows and she loves fried chicken like you and all the chocolate she can have she broke her arm and has been home from school and she watches more of you now We hope to someday come down and meet you we adore you Love ya Lisa and DeAnna

By lisa on October 12, 2011


I love you Paula me and my little girl DeAnna watch all of your shows we hope to some day come down and meet you she adores you and loves fried chicken like you do and chocolate love ya

By Anonymous on October 12, 2011


I was wondering when Paula is on the Food Network? I have been away from my own tv for almost a year now and finally got my own home and KITCHEN. I went to put on Paula's show and she isn't there :( When and where can I watch her shows? Or does she even have a show anymore? Lost without Paula

By Sheri Brunelle on October 12, 2011


Love your show

By Sheila Pippin on October 12, 2011


Paula, I hear ya. My husband and I love Halloween. Unfortunately we don't ever get many trick-or-treaters, but we're always prepared for 100 hahaha. I'm from upstate NY, and in March 2010 we moved up there. Last Halloween was amazing. We lived on a busy street and had bought 3 or 4 big bags of candy. When we ran low I hurried to the store for more. We almost ran out again, so I went back to the store and got 2 more bags, since it was getting late. I got home to find that my husband had run out of candy and had started giving away DVD's from his collection. I laughed so hard at him. He had the time of his life. We just moved back to NC the first of October, so we're prepared to once again have just 10-15 kids come to the door :(

By Lisa Dever on October 12, 2011


Paula my husband and i watched you on dr oz last night. pleeeaaassseee quit smoking!!! I lost an amazing father in law from smoking. you always say live life to the fullest! Please do whatevwr it takes to stop. i ave asthma and i've never smoked but ita a horrible feeling to all of a sudden to not be able to breath and then have it last from anywhere to a few minutes to aseveral hours. then the pain from fibeomyalgia sets in and i cant move a muscle because its so bad. if u cant do it alone look at your precious family. what would you tell jack if he walked in with a cigarette in his mouth. your family and fans love you!!! Isn't that enough???!!!!!

By lorene drayton on October 12, 2011


I cooked for the Seniors 12 1/2 years, and I made these hand one year and they requested them every year after that. I went all out for Halloween for them.I got gift certificates from local business, and had Seniors dress up.I had business people judge them. We made front page 4 years in a roll on local paper. They were like little kids,they loved it . I was made up has a wicked witch one year and they didn't even know me.

By Jean Peoples on October 12, 2011


Hello there paula your cooking reminds of my grandma Geary cooking and my dads and i too love t bake and cook thanks for showing me some of your cooking ! your friend and fan!

By Michelle Cassidy on October 11, 2011


Paula, I'm a southern girl also. I'm so use to cooking one way that it's hard to change recipes to low fat, low sodium, etc. that is needed to help my old body with a young I find that I have Celiac Sprue. Do you have recipes that are gluten free? Thanks, Patti Gural

By Patti gural on October 11, 2011


Dear Paula, I have therr of your recipe books and just love them. I do use them often and have shared them with my Red Hatter friends. I will send these recipes to my daughter inlaw so she can make them for my grand babaies....Thank again for all that you do for us out here... Carolyn

By Carolyn Sigman on October 11, 2011

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