Cozy Comfort Food

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Cozy Comfort Food

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Hi! Mrs. Paul just love the meat loaf it was great just great. I was think to myself. may be she knows how to cook a pepper steak . A southern pepper steak . I've been trying to think of how to get this tast for a long time now . Oh maybe 25 years now . It was my some thing loved an now I live in Bilings,Mt. and this I may never eat again cause know one seems to know what I mean. It's made from a vealcutlet an pork .It's a ground pattie not pepper steaks strips. It's Ground meat with the little tast of pepper in it . It makes a geat gravey. Do you happen to know what I mean. Can you help me with tast I've got in fixing this dish. Please help me with this. LOVE Gloria Cox Thank you for listening

By gloria e cox on March 23, 2011

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