Country Style Fried Cabbage

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Country Style Fried Cabbage

By An unknown fan, handed to Paula at a book signing


1 small head green cabbage, shredded
3 tablespoons bacon fat
2 teaspoons red pepper flakes
Salt and pepper to taste


Wash cabbage. For shredding begin by cutting cabbage into quarters. Cut by making thin slices across the cut sides of the cabbage. Discard core and any tough ribs. Heat bacon fat in a large cast iron Dutch oven. Add cabbage and stir just until glistening. Lower heat and add pepper flakes, salt and pepper to taste and continue cooking and turning until cabbage is just tender.

Servings: 6
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook Time: 8-10 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

Notes from the Paula Deen Test Kitchen: A fast and delicious side dish to your St. Patrick’s Day cornbeef recipes. We also loved it with 4 slices of bacon, cooked crisp and crumbled over the top before serving.

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Reader Comments:


I pretty much follow your recipe, but I add 1 tblsp suger and enough vineger to marry the suger.

By Daniel McNeff on February 16, 2013


I was looking for a new recipe for cabbage in leu of New years Day dinner planning, I had to laugh when I got on here and saw the same recipe my mother has been cooking up since I can remember. I love this recipe, and figured it was destined for me to have the generational/tradition New Years cabbage!!!

By Kelly Cureton on January 01, 2012


It's also really good with a little sour cream on it! Been making it for years, thanks to my German background.

By Jessa on July 22, 2011


I also like fried cabbage with smoked sausage. Although it is hard to keep lit.

By David Teply on June 20, 2011

I have read everyones recipe & version of fried cabbage I’m a big fan of it I’m just recently got married & I’m making one of my moms specials steak & fried cabbage with onions I’m going to add a red peper & use olive oil trying to be healthier (got from one of the other recipes) hope my hubby will love it.

By Ayanna Harris on November 01, 2010

We had fried cabbage at a German restaurant in Newport, KY for the first time a few years back.  Loved it.  I came home and tried to duplicate it.  I used bacon grease, a little sugar, salt and pepper to taste.  Then right before it is done added caraway seeds.  It was pretty close.  Yum Yum

By Sandy Martin on September 08, 2010

After reading all these blogs yesterday I went home and fried us up some cabbage using Paula’s recipe above.  Wonderful, easy and such good comfort food.  It went great with potatoes and hamburger steak.  I’ll be making this one again throughout the summer!

By Linda on May 26, 2010

Does red cabbage cook and taste as good as the green for these recipes?

By Dorene on April 07, 2010

My g-ma used to make this with left over ham, or pork chops from the night before. Fried which was really good with ham,chili powder onions and garlic.  I still make it.  Just good comfort food. I love Watchin Ya’ll’s show!

By Toni on April 02, 2010

From Herndon,VA
My mouth was just a watering as I read your recipe and all the comments. Can’t wait to get to the store and make my old fashion smothered cabbage.

By Margaret S Austin on March 21, 2010

I fry my cabbage with bacon fat diced potatoes, diced onions, ham cubes, and salt and pepper.
It is a whole meal in a skillet. 
Mary Ann

By Mary Ann on March 21, 2010

Hey Ya’ll!  I’m so glad I read this recipe.  I have’nt cooked cabbage for years. And guess what?  I have cabbage, onion, bell pepper, bacon grease, and country ham. Bet’cha can’t guess what I’m fixin for dinner tonight.

By Mary Kimes on March 21, 2010

We usually add kielbasa sausage to our fried cabbage. I just cut the sausage in 1-2” slices and lay in in the pan with the cabbage.  A one-dish meal ready in minutes!  My husband loves it!!

By Pat Majeres on March 20, 2010

Oh, my how I love fried cabbage! I like mine cooked up till its almost burnt…..I’ve even put it in the skillet with fried potatoes & onions! Better than the best cafe in Paris!

By Leslie on March 20, 2010

fried cabbage is one of my favorite dishes.
i grew up in central indiana and cabbage is a garden staple.  mom would fry it with lots of lard or left over meat grease or shortning. we never put bacon or anything else except salt and pepper. she would serve it with fried porck chops and fried potatoes. my dad and i would fight over the last bite. yum.

By kimmy cook on March 20, 2010

Throw some of Paula’s ‘House Seasoning’ on that the fried cabbage and YUMMO!

By Dee Ann Graham on March 20, 2010

I fry the bacon then remove it put the cabbage in after about 10 minutes or so I put a can of rotel and crumble the bacon and add it & simmer with lid for about 15 to 20 minutes! Yum it’s awesome…

By stephanie white on March 20, 2010

I use olive oil and sauteed with shredded onion and chopped garlic..  Also add other veggies, brocoli, cauliflower ....  Delish

By Christa on March 19, 2010

I like mine with smoked sausage and hash browns.

By Pam Merritt on March 19, 2010

Ohh, I love fried cabbage, only problem, my husband of 4 years doesn’t like cooked cabbage at all….so i don’t fix it often…when I fry mine, I but butter and a little water and green onions, a pinch of sugar….In another skillet, I will fry up some sliced polish sausage,after they are done,and browned, add it to the cooked cabbage, Yummmm….along with some good cornbread…
I also add some cayenne pepper to the cabbage, must not forget that….

Love you to pieces Paula….

By Brenda on March 19, 2010

We all love fried cabbage, but we kick it up with some fresh parm cheese in it..With a Italian
family we need the wisconsin cheese in everything. Add some bacon dripping and bacon yum..and the house smells so good..!!

By Barb Ancona on March 19, 2010

When I fry cabbage, I add an onion, a yellow squash, a green squash, 1/2 head purple cabbage, either 2 small or 1 large potato, fried in bacon grease, saving the bacon to crumble up into the vegetables…I season with Paula’s house seasoning….

By Cheryl Lipman on March 19, 2010

I have eaten fried cabbage all of my 62 years.  My grandmother taught me how to fry it many, many years ago.  It is a staple in our household diet.  I do cook mine until it is brown however.

By Ron Turner on March 19, 2010

We too grew up on fried cabbage. After getting married in 1982 I discovered the recipe for cabbage and noodles and began fixing that as well, also servied with sour cream.  One thing I have discovered that is very tasty is to slice a halved onion the same thickness as the cabbage and saute it right along with the cabbage.  For a complete meal add smoked sausage medallions.  This makes the cabbage very flavorful.

By Carol McLemore on March 19, 2010

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