Christmas with The Lady

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Christmas with The Lady

By Brandon Branch

Christmas is the hardest month on me because so much has to be done in a short amount of time!

At Paula’s we normally go all out with all kinds of beautiful decorations. But, this year Paula only wanted two Christmas trees in her home.  (Last year I did seven!) So this year I put up an 18’ tall tree up in the living room and a 9’ tall tree in the kitchen.  Can you believe that the living room tree took one whole day? And to top it all off, I don’t care for height and climbing up and down, so 16’ tall ladder I used was not fun! 

The kitchen tree Paula decorated by herself and I only came in and just helped with the top part. This is the tree she calls her “Children’s Tree”. It’s where she puts all of her family’s ornaments that she’s collected over the years, like the ones that Bobby and Jamie made when they were little. I did three wonderful mantels in the house of fresh evergreens and dried hydrangeas that we grew on the property. Paula loves using fresh greens and flowers from her property. We finished her house by bringing in poinsettias and fresh wreaths and we called it a day!

By the time I got to my house I was so over Christmas that I just did two mantels and made a fresh wreath for the front of the house.  I did place poinsettias around my home and tons of Christmas candles- they all smell amazing! I couldn’t bring myself to climb another ladder to put up a tree, but I think I’ll make it through the season just fine without.

I’ve included pictures of me working on Paula’s living room tree and a picture of the wreath I made from clippings out of Paula’s yard.

How do y’all decorate at your house? Merry Christmas!

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Reader Comments:

54321 much we miss being in Savannah at Christmastime. Lived in Vidalia and going to see the lights, always meant making a long drive to the city, going to your old place and taking a tour of Savannah. Usually ended up on Wilmington Island to go to Palmer's (before Bubba had his place)and seeing the beautiful homes out there! Hope the holidays were good to you and all the "grands" enjoyed themselves to the fullest. Best wishes for the New Year and keep that good food coming Lady. Love to all the family!

By Carol Faver on December 27, 2013


I love Paula Deen. She is such a inspiration and I like to copy her ideas! My family loves going to Savannah and eating at your Restaurant ande going in your little store. Paula you are the Best! Hugs, Debbie High

By Debbie High on October 23, 2013


I love Paula Deen. She is such a inspiration and I like to copy her ideas! My family loves going to Savannah and eating at your Restaurant ande going in your little store. Paula you are the Best! Hugs, Debbie High

By Debbie High on October 23, 2013


Christmas Decoration for Paula's house and you only shoe 2 pics?????

By Anonymous on August 17, 2012


Brandon, Thank you for sharing your Christmas decorating experience with everyone. It's a pleasure to read about your Christmas chores. I love to pack my tree full of a variety of ornaments and decor. I use colored lights, gobs of glittered dangles, sparkling wired ribbons and bows, christmas cards, candy canes, Peacock feathers from the river, framed photos and even wrapped gift boxes. I am proud of my tree. It's a reflection of my favorite things. One year I even included a pair of sequins high heel shoes that I really adored from Halloween. I, like Paula also enjoy plenty of greenery and nothing completes the Christmas feeling like a big fire warming the house. I fill the living room with over sized heavy blankets and large pillows for friend to enjoy during a casual gathering including snacks and movies. The last person to arrive is given the task of driving us around to see Christmas lights as the rest of us have already had a cocktail or two. Thanks again for sharing. Have a Merry Christmas with love, Colt

By Colt on December 19, 2011


Paula your the best. I love to watch your show. I get home from work about 4pm each day. I always turn on the TV and watch your show. I've tried some of your recipes and my family love the CREAMY CHEDDAR SOUP. They are like a bunch of dogs salavating when I start cooking this soup. I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Keep that food coming.

By Rosa Dixon on December 18, 2011


Love you Paula. I remember your very first show on foodnetwork. I work a lot and try to record your show when I'm not home, but I've cooked your recipes and love them. I have been given all your cookbooks through the years from my three children because they love your food too. Thank you so much for being you, for being a single mom, for being successful and bringing me and my family much joy through food. xoxoxoxoxo. Just a look similar to my mother. Lot's of class and the infamous white hair. Your beautiful inside and out. The tree is breathtaking!!! Merry Christmas. Be BLESSED

By Maria Carroll on December 17, 2011


Brandon Branch is about the cutest thing since I don't know what. He is talented and warm. Paula, you are lucky to have this wonderful friend.

By Debbie Fabre on December 15, 2011


Everything you do, as well as Paula is so totally gorgeous and classy. Thanks for always making Savannah look so represent us well!!

By Diane Eakins on December 15, 2011


This year was quite a chore, as I decided to take inspiration from Paula and deep fry my Christmas tree decorations. It took me and the kids a day to finish frying all of the ornaments we'd collected over the years, like Paula's, and thank The Lord we managed to get them all done before our evening meal (deep fried butter and battered cream cakes with buttermilk- so yummy!) I love the work you did in Paula's house, it looks absolutely delicious. Happy holidays!

By Big Southern Girl on December 14, 2011


Everything is beautiful. My daughter just bought me Paula's Southern Bible Cookbook....I love it. I love Paula more. lol Our tradition is Cinnamon Apples with out meal. My grandma always had it so I passed it on down. This year was the first time I haven't cooked the whole meal in 50 yrs. But, to MY surprise, our oldest son had them on his table this year. Made me PROUD. Diane Kronz, Phx. Az.

By Anonymous on December 14, 2011


Well I guess you really are Christmas out since I never heard back from you in coming to my house and helping out. LOL Just wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas Brandon and thank you for being you and a friend wink Much Love!

By Andrea on December 14, 2011


I am disappointed in just the 2 pictures..wanted to see more..the whole entire house would be terrific..and te outside on her porches..I love Paula's home... Thank You Merry Christmas Brenda

By Brenda Dunagin Bennett on December 14, 2011


Love you Paula. Hope to get to your restaurant soon in Savannah. Watch your show everyday. When watching your shows I feel like I am right there with you in the kitchen. Just enjoy it so much. Love your recipes and I have tried lots of them. My son says: Mom want you make one of Paula's recipes. This is what I hear from him all the time. Who would think beings he is 23. I really do enjoy watching your show and really enjoy your family also. Hope to see you soon Paula. One of your greatest fans: Lisa Day

By Lisa Day on December 14, 2011

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