Candy Christmas

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Candy Christmas

Silky, shiny, swirls of spun sugar candy to dance on your tree, hide in children’s stockings, and lie waiting in grandmother’s candy bowl are handmade by Hammond’s Candies to dazzle your Christmas. 

Hammond’s Candies in Denver, CO has handcrafted holiday confections and an illustrious line of classic candies for over 90 years. What sets this company apart is their artisan approach to candy-making; the traditional techniques used today have been handed down, through generations, from the original owners and have changed very little. World famous for hand-cut, oversized candy canes, hand-twisted lollipops, and beautiful spun sugar ribbon candy, they are still making candy the way Carl Hammond made it first in 1920, with the same tempting recipes and careful craftsmanship. 

Silky, shiny Christmas hard candies are a specialty of Hammond’s Candies. No two candy canes are alike. Each cane is hand-pulled and cut into individual lengths, then the candy cook hand-shapes a crook in one end of each. The colorful ribbon candy is made by the same machines used in the first half of the 20th century; the ribbons are manipulated by hand to form even rows of loops. Lollipops, so popular in Christmas stockings, are hand twisted with flavors and roped into shapes. Christmas art candies still have the same old-fashioned pictures on the ends that were imprinted on the candies when they were first produced. The candy you remember from your grandmother’s crystal dish is exactly what you taste today.

Hammond’s Candies gives you holiday candies the year ‘round; you can get canes and lollipops and filled hard candies for Easter, Halloween, and in red, white, and blue. Mother’s Day chocolates with lovely gift boxes, chocolate-covered toffee and pillow candy, and chocolate Easter bunnies are just a few of their specialty white, milk, and dark chocolate candies. 

Among the many everyday candies from Hammond’s are its timeless hard candy drops, lightly sugar-sanded pieces of candy flavored as nostalgically as the packaging: ginger, root beer, cinnamon, butterscotch, lemon, sour balls, licorice, and the classic horehound. Stay tuned for their all-natural line of hard candy drops that will be introduced in 2010; flavors will include sarsaparilla, crème soda, cherry cola, and Colorado plum.

Most unique to this company is the “Chicken Bone ™”. These oblong candies are filled with peanut butter, wrapped in a tasty molasses shell, then rolled in coconut. It is an original recipe and has been in the Hammond’s line since the founding of the company.

In addition to all of these, Hammond’s makes filled straws, miniature pillows, marshmallow, caramel, toffee, and wrapped and unwrapped bulk candies. The company ships its products throughout the US and the world. Visit their website at or call 1-800-Candy-99 for more information.

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