Savannah Style: Candy Corn Centerpiece

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Savannah Style: Candy Corn Centerpiece

By Brandon Branch, Design Director to Paula Deen

There’s no trick to making this treat. This is such a simple and fast creation to make and it’s certain to brew up envy in even your craftiest friends.

A floral arrangement like this not only makes a festive decoration on your own fall table but is quite an impressive hostess gift certain to satisfy even the most discerning tastes.

Here’s what you will need:
A clear jar, vase or some sort of container. I used a standard glass canister.
A small interior container to hold the water and flowers, such as a water or juice glass.
Enough candy corn to fill the sides of your container. About 2 medium bags.
A variety of fall flowers, leaves, foliages and berries.

Here’s how to get the look:
Begin by partially filling the bottom of your exterior container with enough candy corn to sit the interior container inside with both container tops even. Place the smaller glass inside the outer container and hold in place. Gently pour the remaining candy around the sides to fill the inside wall of the container. Fill the inner glass about half full of water to place your flowers.

As you arrange the flower selection, keep in mind to use a variety of color, sizes and textures. In this arrangement, I used dahlias, zinnias, Indian paint brush, star of Bethlehem and palm berries, but use what you have available or late blooms in your own garden.

When creating this style of arrangement, I like to hold the flowers in one hand as I add each stem to the arrangement. Once I have the color and shape, I cut all the stems the appropriate length so they will be the appropriate height in the container. By using this hand-held method, it’s easier to achieve a more natural, garden-look. Cutting and placing the arrangement in water also adds life to the flowers as foam products tend to clog their feeding system.
The little touch of berries really makes this arrangement pop. Other varieties perfect for this time of year are nandina berry or bittersweet. If you’re in a scarier mood, why not try gummy fingers or eye gumballs in place of candy corn. Whatever your taste, just be creative and show your own style.

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Reader Comments:

Love the deco ideas.  As for the candy corn decoration, I used artificial beautiful flowers.  And I made several for friends in the hospital and nursing homes.  This way, after the season, they can eat the candy, save the flowers even for next year.  I always save my decorations and use from year to year, buy a couple each year to add to them.  I have a humongous collection, as I have done this over the years with all of my seasonal decorations.  Tutti Harris

By Tutti Harris on October 28, 2010

love this piece, nice and bright,but then again everything Paula makes brightens up everyroom…

By janice on October 27, 2010

I absolutely love the culinary coward part of your column. It’s sad to say, but my niece cooks a lot like her.

By Linda Lamb on October 27, 2010

My Grand Babbies are going to love making this! I have a potato-onion-wine dish that is so good it’ll make you smack Michael! It’s got that secreat ingredent BUTTER in it to! Please email me back and I’ll give you the recipe. If I really get a respound from you I think I might have to put on a pair of Depends! One of my 3 kids always gets me one of your books every Christmas. You are such a JOY!

By Mary Southern on October 27, 2010

Happy Happy 40th young birthday Bobby!
Paula I have to tell you that when I was in your home town on route to Jeykel Island where I managed to pick tons of sea shells washed & dryed them, then bagged them to bring back to Toronto. My husband asked me what I was going to do with the sea shells. I said I don’t know right now, but I will do something. Maybe paint them & stick them on a picture frame or a vase, and he replied I don’t live in a mansion(meaning we have no space for them) so you need to do something with them or they are garbage. Needless to say the shells became garbage because I forgot all about them. Your candy corn centerpiece is just lovely & what came to mind was the sea shells, I could have done the same idea. I guess I will have too visit your neck of the woods again. I don’t know how you do what you do, unless you have an identical twin. You exhaust me.
Love ya all.

By laura on October 26, 2010

great idea, love you paula.

By maria Rodriguez on October 26, 2010

Thanks Paula for a supper neat idea. Saw you last night at the Woman’s Conference. Your were fantastic.

By Penny Rieck on October 26, 2010

great picture of you and beautifully crafted centerpiece.  Maria

By Maria Polston on October 26, 2010

Thanks Paula! Isn’t it funny how such simple ideas are right in front of us and we neglect to see them till someone special shows us how to use what is around us!
Wonderful! Thanks again!

By Bonnie on October 26, 2010

Happy 40th Bobby.  Love you and Jamie’s ideas and all the help you give your mom.  The center piece is cleavor and can be put to good use in many rooms of the home.  Paula you are the bomb, love ya.

By jjm on October 26, 2010


By Bernadette on October 26, 2010

I cannot wait to do something like this for Christmas.  I think I’ll make several and use a variety of things like peppermints, red berries, and oohhh, maybe ribbon candies….I’m so excited, maybe I’ll make one for Thanksgiving too and use unshelled pecans. There are so many ideas going thru my mind it’s about to explode!  Thanks!

By Susan on October 26, 2010

This is a great decorating tool, you could change up for any occasion,,,Very simple, fast, convinent also smart looking,,great idea, thanks for sharing appreciate it Paula,,,,,

By Barbara Campbell on October 26, 2010

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