Behind the Scenes with Paula Deen

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Behind the Scenes with Paula Deen

By Jonathan Able

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be on a photoshoot with Paula? You asked, and we’ve got the answers!

This past August, Paula and her styling and design team shot for two whirlwind days. Now, we know what you must be thinking, “Two days? Is that all?” Well, when you consider everything we got on film, you might be impressed! There was one 12-hour prep day, followed by two consecutive 10-hour shoot days. Altogether, Paula and her team shot six months worth of content!

Our focus: the holidays, which are one of Paula’s favorite subjects. We shot scenes for Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and so many more!

One of the most exciting elements of this photoshoot was the live animals; this was Paula’s first time working with live animals on set – and she loved every minute of it! She wanted so badly to keep all of the bunnies, the piggy, and the turkey all as pets. You’ll be able to see how much fun she had loving on these furry and feathered stars in the coming months on!

Without further ado, here’s the recipe for the perfect photoshoot with Paula:

Ingredients (The Cast):
Paula Deen
Jamie Deen
Bobby Deen
Jack Deen
Brandon Branch, Design Director
Michelle White, Brand Director
Libbie Summers, Culinary Producer
Chia Chong, Photographer
Courtney Fix, Makeup Artist
Jamie Cribbs, Hair Stylist
Dimpy Sethi, Wardrobe Stylist
Becky Prescott, Production Manager
Lynn Rahn, Prop Stylist
Kate Janson, Food Stylist Assistant
Kalen Cheng, Photographer’s Assistant
Amanda Connors, Intern
Jamie Prescott, camera and edit
Tom Paulson, camera
3 animal wranglers
1 veterinarian

Directions; mix lovingly*:
1 live turkey
1 sleepy piglet
4 energetic bunnies
10 newborn chicks
30 fake black crows
400 red apples (that were later carted off to feed the pigs)
16 dozen colored eggs
5 lbs. Pimento Cheese
10 lbs fresh collards
8 fried chickens
10 dozen roses
200 pieces of taffy
20 sparklers
1 bottle of cheap champagne

*No animals were harmed during this shoot. In fact, Paula couldn’t have loved them more!

Stay tuned to and look out for all of the videos and beautiful upcoming shots!


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Reader Comments:

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hey Paula . need to bring my growen girls to savannah. that is their cristmas present.  we have to get together n deside when we can come after the first of the year. want to know when u will be in savanah. we love staying at the River Street Inn. thats where my husband, kin n i love to stay. would love to see u n michael while we r there. i know this is probably not going to happen. my daughter wrote to y about our house burned downed. lost all my books from u. ur network sent me a box of magazines n cookbooks, n a picture of u. that wAS so wonderful. i want them to experience the beauty of Savannah, including u n michael. he is such a cutie. please let me know when u will be in savannah this next year. we will try to arrange our time off at that time i love u so much. i feel like u r part of my family. this would be the best vacation ever!!!!! Love u so much, hope my dream can come true. please respond to me. i love Savannah so much, i wish i could move there. lots of love!!!!!  ALICE CORK tuscaloosa al. 35405

By alice cork on November 03, 2010

Been a fan from the very beginning.  Have everyone of your books, because thats usually what I get for all my gifts (mothers day, Christmas etc).  You make us southern gals look great, Thank-you for all you do.  Have meet you a couple of times and you have always been the real deal. I count you as family.

By Guyla Nelson on October 31, 2010

Paula, You are truly a lovely, Southern lady. The four-hour wait in line was worth every moment of getting to see you and Michael when you came to Sarasota.  You waded right into a huge crowd of people when you got out of your car with your arms wide open! I treasure the photo I took of you and Michael. Love every one of your shows and seeing all the family. LOL

By Polly Pond on October 28, 2010

Our oldest son is in the USCG - he was stationed in Savannah.  Our younger twins went to visit he & his wife.  Our DIL had been wanting to eat at your restaurant (and I’m sure you know - money is tight in the military) so I called the restaurant to get them a gift card - I’m sure you know but… your staff was SO kind, SO helpful, SO FABULOUS.  They fixed us right up w/o question or hesitation - our children LOVED the food, LOVED the store, LOVED the atmosphere… AND… I got a txt photo of THE BOYS next to the cardboard cutout of Paula… I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that photo.  Paula’s fun loving, infectious laugh & personality even impressed MY BOYS.  They had a wonderful time, enjoyed a FABULOUS HOME COOKED MEAL & all b/c of your kind, loving, helpful, generous staff - You are Pure Joy, a Genuine Delight - a True Blessing TY Paula

By Nancy Langdon on October 28, 2010

I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting you at your home for the Bethesda Home For Boys dinner. Hope you have another, my husband & I would love it.  After meeting you and watching this video, I made a final decision. I want to sell my home and become your neighbor…Right between you and the Golden Girls. You are awesome! Love you and your shows!  Thank you!!!

By Jamie Shick on October 28, 2010

My life has been full of you Paula every since you started your programs and it was wonderful to visit your Paula & Son’s resturant when I went to Savannah. The trip was centered to go on the Paula Deen tour.  I didn’t get to see you or your boys.  I did however meet your brother and that was special, loved his Uncle Bubba’s, & got a picture.  Got your cookbooks and love to cook out of them, especially “Not yo’ Mama’s Banana Pudding”. Love this video & your shows. Frannie

By Frances Taillon on October 27, 2010

Dear Paula,

I love to watch your shows and I have tried one of your apple pie recipes and it was a success and my boyfriend just loved it.  Just watching your video, made we wish that I was at your house for dinner, it looked so good!!!!

Kokopelli Inn

By Barbara Ann on October 27, 2010

Paula, I love it….was on my first cruise with you and Bobby, Uncle Bubba and of course Hollis.  Had a great time and feel so close to you as we should be family.  You are the best and so personable.  Loved the video of the behind the scenes its family.  Hugs and Kisses to you and your family!

By Maria Wasilik on October 27, 2010

Hi Paula - Let me start by saying I am kicking myself for not Congratulating you for the People’s Choice award when I saw you at the Women’s Conference in Long Beach.  You were as gracious and as beautiful as ever - each time I see you I get a lil bit more conversation in smile  I’m certain I upset your staff at the book signing, I wouldn’t shut up. Thanks for autographing my daughters and my picture from the benefit we attended at your home in May, that meant so much!  Love this photo shoot, post more I love to see you working/playing!  You are very near and dear to my heart, as is your family.  Thanks for making me smile each and everyday.
With much love and admiration,

By Tracey Lopez on October 27, 2010

What a treat, You make all us southern gals proud, you haven’t forgotten where you came from, and you wear your Southern with pride. Watching you and your family makes me feel like I’m watching one of my relatives. God bless you and your family. Keep it Southern.
Becky Watson

By Becky Watson on October 27, 2010

Hey Paula~  We have watched most every day that we can for a long time!  We love to watch ~ your cooking looks so easy and so look like a very lovely woman!  We really want to be able to come up there to your restaurant..with my 87 year old Mom who lives with us..what are the chances of meeting you if we made that trip?  It is very trying to travel with Mom or do just about anything as she uses a walker and has just been diagnosed with diabetes and medium severe dementia.  If we can get the information, we can save up for a motel room for a couple of nights!  Thank you for your time…we love you!  xoxo

By Jill & Rick Behrendt on October 27, 2010

Paula; I am such a huge fan. Your cooking show is the only one I watch. Because its my favorite. You have the best most yummy recipes. The banoffee pie is to die for. I love watching you. You remind me of my momma. Love and best dishes.    ~megan~

By megan miller on October 27, 2010

Miss Paula, We love you. we had the most opportunity tomeet Ms Carolyn and see took pictures of our wonder dog, Miss Tessa, for you to see. Miss Tessa is our seizure alert dog.
We watch almost all iof your programs every day and so enjoy the family. Keep up the good work and someday we may meet you all.uch Love Jan , Cyndi & Tessa Davenport

By jan Davenport on October 27, 2010

Thanks for teasing me with this short video! To think it may be six whole months before we fill in the blanks of what we missed!  Would love to be there in person.  Can’t wait for the next issue of the magazine and all these new shows. Thanks for thinking of us and including us in all the fun!

By Joni Herrmann on October 26, 2010

Loved the video, can’t wait for the new season and shows.  I think your shows are wonderful, you are always so full of life.  I’m sure it would be great to have you as the “girl next door” and to share recipes and dishes.

By BARBARA RHUDY on October 26, 2010

HI Paula,  I can’t begin to thank you for all the happiness an fun you bring to my life. I am disabled and you make my day complete

I hope to one day meet you ((((((((((Paula)))))  You are such a blessing and all of your family an Your Michael is such a wonderful man

God Bless you all
My hubby loves your shows also
Hugs Love and Prayers love Bev

By Beverlee Mossman on October 26, 2010

love your show and loved the video can’t wait to see the shows. i have been a fan for years. i also get the cooking with paula magazine. i have several of your books and i love them all.
best dishes and stay as friendly and sweet as you are now. hope to come see you at your restaurant sometime in the future.

By DEBBIE LEONARD on October 26, 2010

I love to watch your shows.  My products never come out like yours.  I love the lemon blossoms, they are delicious.

By JOYCE BURKETT on October 26, 2010

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