Behind the Scenes of Cooking with Paula Deen Holiday Shoot

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Behind the Scenes of Cooking with Paula Deen Holiday Shoot

By Cooking with Paula Deen Magazine

The other week my wonderful magazine team came to Savannah to shoot magazine covers for our holiday issues. We had a blast, y’all! What’s better than Christmas? Dressing up, spending time with your family, and pretending it’s Christmas!

What made this photo shoot extra special was that I got to pose with the sweetest, handsomest grandbabies in the whole world. It was such a hoot. Jugglin’ those three bundles of love is no easy task, y’all. Henry and Matthew were wriggling all over the place. I just had to share this behind-the-scenes video with all of you!

Watch the video for yourself and check out all the fun we had!

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Reader Comments:


You need to come to Fairfield.would love to see you. Love your show

By Sue Davison on January 06, 2013


I love your GRANDkIDS. thay are so cute. When are is Bobby getting Marred. YOU NEED ORE GRANDKIDS,THEY make you Happy, Love your show,When are you Haveing a new show, love you

By Patricia Staton on November 30, 2012


Wow! Look how big Jack is and two more grandbabies. Are they Jamies too? Happy Holidays to all, Phyllis

By Phyllis Brown on November 17, 2012


Just love your Christmas Holliday shoot with your grand babies! i know what you went through because i now have 5 and its a chore to get everyone to together in place and smiling all at once! what we wont do. But its all worth it! LOVE you Paula and you look fabulous!!!!!

By v. tutor on November 04, 2012


I love the way you laugh <3

By Sarai Garza on November 02, 2012


crab stuffed flounder sound wonderful to taste.

By Donna on October 20, 2012


Hi Paula, You are such an amazing Lady, always so happy and sweet. Thank you for that..

By Laurelle Repetti on October 19, 2012


It's so great to see what a great time you had putting this all together, enjoying the little ones, that are just so precious to you. It was pretty cool too to see a glimpse of Ms. Courtney, the young lady that did my hair and make-up in New York City for the Rachael Ray Show! She is amazing. Happy Holidays!!! Great cooking times coming right up!!

By Lizzy Brown on October 18, 2012


I just wanted to say that I have always been an admire of you from how you got all of this started. I always thought you were such a beautiful woman with a soul to match. I think I bonded with you so much cause my grandmother that I worshiped was from the south and from the time I could pull a chair over she had me in the kitchen teaching me we baked a lot together. So thats a tradition I carry on it's my go too when I am sad, stressed or just to do something nice for someone else. I always wanted to have my own bakery but that's ok I still do it from the heart for others. Just wanted to let you know that you truly one of a kind and I love the new cover. Keep on being the beautiful soul your are. you look amazing these days by the way.. Love ya & have a very blessed day. Tina

By Tina Gaylor on October 18, 2012


Hello Paula It has been a dream of mine to get to go to your restaurant my birthday is October 27 and I am coming to savannah yayyyyyyyyyyyy. I have reservations for the 26 at 6. I watch you on tv for years you are truely down to earth and just a sweetheart. You are loved my millions. I loved your video family is the sweetest thing in this world. I love everything you do and you look great. Congrads on the weightloss!!!! You really look amazing.

By Betty Willis on October 18, 2012


Hello Paula I loved your video. I am so excited I have always wanted to go to your restaurant my birthday is october 27 and I have reservsations for your restaurant on the 26th at 6. I am so excited this will be the best birthday ever getting to visit savannah. I love seeing you on tv and reading your magazines. You mean alot to me. You look great you are a very sweet and beautiful women.

By Anonymous on October 18, 2012


i just loved the shoot it was great and it sure made you think christmas alright. you all looked so pretty and i need to be on your diet paula you look great i am so proud of you love ya cheryl.

By cheryl wicker and shelby clemons on October 17, 2012


Hi Paula, Oh my, how adorable are your grandsons. I miss seeing little Jack so much on Jamie's new show. I hope Season 2 starts taping soon, cause I'm having withdrawals from missing Jack. His dancing moves are just too cute, and he is sooo funny. I get the biggest kick out of him. and Paula, you look unbelievably great! You are the happiest woman on the planet; it shows all over your pretty face. Keep up the good work Paula, it's working!!!

By Linda Layman on October 17, 2012


You look fabulous!!!!

By Carlene Wyatt on October 17, 2012


I'm so glad to see how much weight you've lost and looking so great. I'm borderline diabetic so it is refreshing to see you slimming down and so can I. I like Bobby's show also for that reason. Keep up the good work and I'm happy for you and Michael. You look like a very happy couple. Bless you and your family.

By Gladys Kelley on October 17, 2012


Paula I love you with your granbabies. I know two belong to Jamie who does the third cutie belong too?

By Theresa Rausch on October 16, 2012


Paula, Girl you Look GREAT!!!!!!! p.s. the Grandbabies are

By Rachelle Scott on October 16, 2012


LOVE LOVE LOVE the Christmas video of Paula with her grandsons'. If she feels anything like she looks since she has drop some weight WATCH OUT WORLD. She's gonna be one hot cook to handle along with more laughter than one can endure which I already do. I love watching her. She inspires me more every day to be a better cook. THANKS PAULA FOR THE LAUGHTER & SOMETIMES THE TEARS YOU SHARE WITH US.

By Sandy Revell on October 15, 2012


Just curious - I am used to seeing Jamie's two boys because I watch his new cooking show. Who is the third grandchild on the magazine Christmas cover? I have never seen him before and am wondering if he is one of Michael's children's babies? Who ever he belongs to he is adorable so he definitely fits right in with the other two boys. They are all three so beautiful - but then they are what Christmas is all about when you get away from the religious part of it. Happy Holidays - The McGowan Family of Sahuarita Arizona

By Dora McGowan on October 15, 2012


Dear Paula, First of all, you look fantastic! I have been dealing with diabetes for several years. When I first found out, I made up my mind that I would overcome this disease. I did, and lost 65 pounds, looked and felt great about myself and the battle that I won. Sorry to say that did not last and I failed at my battle. I felt good, so I thought I could just eat a little of that "southern food" and it would be ok. I have now gained most of the weight back and I am experiencing more medical problems. To one grits loving gal to another, HELP! Do you have a new cookbook that I can get to help with cooking southern and still staying on our "diet". I am not on insulin but oral medications. I have got to get it together, again. Thanks, Gayle

By Gayle Campbell on October 14, 2012

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