Beat the Heat with a Summertime Treat

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Beat the Heat with a Summertime Treat

By Paula Deen

We’re in the middle of a heat wave, y’all! I can’t take two steps outside without the heat and humidity makin’ my hair flatter than a pancake—even my teeth are sweatin’! Now I know Savannah’s a little more “swampy” than most places, but just about every town in America is feeling the heat right now. I wish I could send all y’all a cool breeze to take the edge off. I really do. Just yesterday Michael caught me sticking my head in the icebox. When he asked what I was looking for, I replied, “January.”

In spite of my fussing and complaining, I really do love summertime because I get to take some much-needed vacation time and catch up with my family. My grandson Jack could spend every single day splashing around our pool. When he’s swimming, every other word is, “Grandma, watch this! Grandma, see what I can do! Grandma, check this out!” So I sit on the edge and dip my toes in the pool and cheer him on. He’s got this new slide—one of those real tall ones that you have to climb a ladder just to get to the top. He goes down that slide faster than green grass through a goose! And he gets a real kick out of trying to make the biggest splash he can. I pretend to throw a fit as if getting wet is the last thing in the world I want, when really nothing feels better.

After he’s all waterlogged, I’ll bring out some refreshing homemade frozen fruit, yogurt and pudding pops for everyone to enjoy. We eat ‘em faster than they can melt. They are that good, y’all. I have four new frozen pops for you to try –Sunshine Fruit Pops, Frozen Raspberry Yogurt Pops, Creamy Coconut Pops and Gooey Butter Pudding Pops. Some are a little healthier than others, but if you’re up for some summertime indulgence—and I hope you are—I recommend my very favorite…you guessed it, the Gooey Butter Pudding Pops! You know that cool breeze I was talkin’ about? This is even better.

Even if it’s hotter than two goats in a pepper patch, don’t trap yourself indoors like a caged animal—just head out a little earlier. A summer morning is one of God’s greatest gifts. Life is blooming, the birds are singing and the day is filled with promise. What better way to begin than hosting an early morning breakfast party surrounded by friends? It takes so little—just a few heartfelt touches. A big Southern breakfast, an old painted table, mismatched tableware and some fresh-cut flowers from the garden. Some hanging cloth pennants cut from fabulous vintage cloth add the perfect festive touch. We can fuss about the summer heat until we’re blue in the face, or we can enjoy coming up with fun ways to beat it. By the time Mr. Sun gets high in the sky, the dishes will be cleaned up and you’ll be safely tucked away inside your air-conditioned home, wondering who would ever complain about such a beautiful day.

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Like Paula, I have also been diagnosed as type 2 diabetic within the past two years. I love her recipes, but won't use them anymore because there are no listings of calories, fat, and most importantly carb counts. Why not add these for those of us who would enjoy trying her recipes, even if we have to tweak them a bit.

By Debra Dempsey on April 13, 2012


Hi DeAnn, You can learn to make them here!

By Jonathan Able on August 01, 2011


Do you have any other summer ideas

By sherry elson on July 29, 2011


I love those vintage fabric banners. Where can I get them??

By DeAnn on July 29, 2011


we love your show and your recipes to we try them out alot .u r so much fun i sometimes can taste with u lol

By jill and doug ducat on July 27, 2011


love you show girl. you are the best.

By dina on July 27, 2011


That's my Paula! Even though yo pockets Is fat. You'll never lose that heart felt quality that's so rare these days! We didn't grow up with no air conditioner. My nanas table top fan,fresh fruit to churn ice cream and chicken dinner. Sitting on the stoop eavesdropping on grown folks news. That's summer!

By Anonymous on July 26, 2011


They're going to have deep fried butter at the Iowa State Fair this year. You should come!

By Susan on July 26, 2011


I love all your recipes,When i"m down just watching you on tv makes me feel better you are so cheerful

By Rebekah L.Weber on July 26, 2011


Love em, but you're killing my weight watchers. LOL

By Denise Linker on July 26, 2011

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