Baby Showers and Sprinkles

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Baby Showers and Sprinkles

By Cindy Edwards

Preparing for a baby is a very exciting time.  Friends and family are eager to offer their support and enthusiasm.  Hosting a baby shower is one way a close friend might want to express her happiness for you.

Below are some frequently asked questions and my suggestions for a wonderful baby shower.

Who gives the baby shower?
Anyone may offer to give a baby shower.  Perhaps the future godmother or a friend from work will offer to host a shower for you. Some feel that it is inappropriate for a family member to host a baby shower, but I disagree.  If a friend does not step up to the plate, I think that it is perfectly fine for a family member to host a small gathering to celebrate the pending arrival. 

Should the mother-to-be register for the items that she would like?
I think that the baby registries are a great idea because the goal of the shower is to provide the mother with the things that she needs.  It also limits the duplicate gifts that require time for exchanges and returns.

How many baby showers are appropriate?
This can be tricky.  My suggestion is to carefully go over your guest list and the people that offer to host the event.  Maybe a work colleague will host a shower that will include your friends from work and your former roommate could host a gathering of girlfriends.

Should I host a shower for second and third babies?
Absolutely! I have learned that these are now called “sprinkles.” While society used to frown upon showers for additional children, the times have changed.  A sprinkle is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the newest addition to a family. Even if the expectant mother has all of the basics, she can surely use some new baby gowns and diapers.  Plus, baby equipment seems to improve every year!

Is it appropriate for the father-to-be to attend?
Of course! This is such an exciting time, and the father can feel left out with all of the activities focused on his wife and child.  He is an integral part and wants to celebrate his little one.  A cookout or casual supper party with couples is a lovely way to include the father.  Perhaps opening gifts may be done in private, or the hosts could present the couple with one “group” gift to remember the special occasion.

How can I make it special?
My friend Susan Lott shared a clever idea for the perfect and unique way to make a baby shower special. This party favor is cute and inexpensive.  Filled with a sweet or savory, it will delight the expectant mother and her guests.

Download the pattern here!

You will need:

1. Pattern. Just click here.
2. Scrapbook paper
3. Glue (Susan recommends Aleene’s Tacky Glue)
4. Buttons
5. Candy, nuts or the treat of your choice


1. Use pattern to cut out the top and bottom of the “shoe” from the scrapbook paper.
2. Match (A) to (A) and glue.  Hold until it is secure.
3. Glue strap (B) to dot (B).
4. Fold tabs inside and glue each tab.
5. Glue the bottom of the shoe and secure to tabs.  You will need to adjust it until it fits and hold in place for a few moments.
6. Glue the button to the top of the strap.
7. Fill with the treat of your choice.

Celebrating the arrival of a baby is one of the happiest of times, and a baby shower or sprinkle is the perfect way to honor this milestone. Whether hosting a large party or a small gathering of close friends, the expectant parents will cherish this thoughtful gesture.

As always, thanks for reading.

Properly yours,

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Reader Comments:


I love this article. I love the "sprinkle" idea smile What are your thoughts on a gender reveal? Who should be invited? Close friends and family only?

By Jenna Beth Mock on January 29, 2014


Dear Paula, Love, love, love you!! Am on your website looking for baby shower recipes for a luncheon. Your recipes have been used at Christmas, Thanksgiving, many dinner parties and gatherings at the Williams home. Will stick by you through thick and thin! I can always count on Paula Deen to come through for me. You always make me look good! Keep up your great work. You have an open invitation anytime here at our home! -Your Northern Calilfornia Friend, Kim

By Kimberly Williams on August 31, 2013


The baby shoes are just darling what a wonderful idea! Will look for to more of your creative ideas! Hoping to use these ideas for my daughter in the future!

By Frannie on July 13, 2013


Paula, don't let them get you down. I will never watch food network as long as you are not a part of it. Envy is an awful thing. Sorry there are those who try to destroy what you have worked so hard to achieve. Take care of yourself and depend on God to right this wrong. You were so gracious to my husband and myself one afternoon at Bubba's. We will be keeping you in our prayers. Judy Hearon

By Judy hearon on June 26, 2013


Dear Cindy, I have learned something new. It has been quite a while since I have been to a baby shower, and I am now prepared and up-to-date. I love the term "sprinkles" and it is nice to know that men are also invited to partake in the excitement! Thank you for a fun article!

By kay buelvas on June 19, 2013


Wonderful ideas!!! Thank you so much for sharing this information about such a great occasion! Cindy, your ideas always helpful and creative.

By Sandra on June 15, 2013


Susan Lott is a great party planner! She has tons of great ideas that she needs to share with the online world. I have been begging her to start a Facebook page or Etsy account. The graduation gift that she made me was hand drawn with my name and different definitions for each letter. She framed it and I cherish it.....I also would have paid about $50 for it in a store. Thanks for sharing her idea but this idea is nothing compared to some of her other quick and money saving tips! You should hire her for your creative team! Love you Susu!

By Adrienne Hilliard on June 11, 2013


I love this idea!! It is too cute! smile

By Sandi K on June 11, 2013


Loved this! The shoes are so cute and personable! Glad to know that family can give a shower and also that you can give a "sprinkle" to a mother for her second or more child! great info!!:)

By susan on June 07, 2013


Cute party favors and great ideas for baby showers!Many of my friends are now grandparents so I am now attending "Sip and See" parties for the new grandchild! Thanks Cindy!

By Linda Parton on June 07, 2013


I love the baby shoes filled with goodies. This idea would add so much to a baby shower and add the extra special touch and conversation starter. I like the idea that family can give the mother to be a shower. Thanks for sharing these wonderful baby shower ideas!

By Susan on June 06, 2013


I love baby showers! I only had one baby although I waited four long years to get pregnant with that one. To say the least, I was so excited to have baby showers and get things for my little princess. I had several showers and they were all just as happy an occasion as the first one. I have never heard of the idea of "sprinkles" but that is a very sweet and unique name for the second or third child you may have. Thanks, Cindy for the info.

By KA THIE PHAN on June 05, 2013


cindy this was great information for a baby shower. i was always unsure what to do for a second child baby shower. now i've got ideas. thanks again for your helpful information smile

By kim b on June 05, 2013


This post has many useful tips for hosting a baby shower. The crafty baby shoe favor holder would be fun to make and could be used as a center piece. Thanks for including the pattern and instructions. Baby equipment becomes outdated very quickly and mothers can benefit from baby shower gifts. Including the father is a great idea and would add to the fun. I really enjoyed this post.

By Anne on June 04, 2013


Can't wait to make this craft!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

By Matilda08 on June 04, 2013

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