As Easy As Pie

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As Easy As Pie

By The Paula Deen Test Kitchen

Tips For Perfect Pie Crusts

We have all heard various culinary adventures referred to as being “as easy as pie,” yet most people don’t see making a simple pie crust as an easy process. Instead of reaching for a ready-made pie crust, apply these simple tips to ensure a flaky crust every time. Once you’ve mastered the perfect pie crust, you have opened the door to a whole new world of sweet or savory pie baking.

*Make sure all fat and liquids are very cold. If you are using a food processor for mixing, freeze the fats before using.

*When mixing two fats together, like butter and solid vegetable shortening (Paula’s Perfect Pie Crust), it is best to soften the fats, mix them together and then chill before using.

*Work as quickly as possible when mixing the ingredients. Flaky crust is the result of pockets of fat left to melt in between flour paste layers. Over-mixing where the fat softens results in a tough crust.

*When working with dough, keep your hands cold. Rinsing them in cold water before you start and an occasional rinse in the middle of making the dough will help keep them the right temperature.

*Chill the pastry twice! Once before rolling out and again before filling and baking. 30 minutes each time.

*When rolling out and assembling the pie crusts, handle the pastry as quickly and as little as possible. If the fat gets too soft, it will be absorbed by the flour, resulting in a tough crust.

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Paula Deen- KEEP IT UP> You are so wonderfully lively and cheery that just watching you cook makes me want to jump up and start testing your recipes instantly.

By Prema on December 28, 2011

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