An Easter Dinner to Remember

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An Easter Dinner to Remember

By The Paula Deen Test Kitchen

Dying eggs for Easter Sunday is a tradition of almost every household.  Easter egg hunts, egg relays, and egg tosses are all fun games to keep the kids and your guests busy while you cook a fabulous Easter feast. 

Here are a few fun and different techniques for coloring your Easter eggs this year:
1. Take a hardboiled egg and place little round stickers on it and then dye it in a simple solution of food coloring, vinegar and water.  Once it has dried, take the stickers off and you have a polka dot Easter egg. 
2. Or…do the same but with rubber bands (wrap a few around the egg) to make a striped tie-dye effect.. 
3. Another fun idea is to make a speckled egg.  Simply dye an egg, take an old toothbrush and dip it in another color of paint and then use your finger to run over the bristle and splatter the paint on the egg.
4. To create a marbled effect, add about a tablespoon of vegetable oil to the food coloring solution before dipping the egg.  The oil allows only parts of the egg to die, creating a very cool effect.

Once everyone has torn apart their Easter baskets and eaten their chocolate bunnies, send them out the door for some fun in the backyard.  After all of the eggs have been collected you can make them into Paula Deen’s BLT deviled eggs and there you have a perfect appetizer for your guests to snack on. 

Easter always revolves around a large dinner table full of food.  In honor of the Easter bunny, start your meal of with carrot soup.  Paula’s carrot soup with blue cheese is creamy, velvety and delicious.  The pungent bite from the blue cheese counteracts some of the sweetness from the carrots in the soup.  It is bright and beautiful. 

Herb crusted fresh ham is a wonderful dish for your Easter dinner to revolve around.  The thyme and rosemary give the ham that traditional woodsy roast flavor while the tarragon and lavender give it a bright almost floral note.  Oven roasted potatoes with rosemary and garlic are the perfect accompaniment to this dish.  By roasting the potatoes you get that delicious crunchy outside and soft center.  The rosemary and garlic add great flavor.  For a little greenery on the side try spinach salad with strawberries.  The strawberries are so sweet and delicious in this salad and you get a nice crunch from the sliced almonds.  Who knew salad could be so pretty and taste so good?

And finally, if you haven’t stuffed yourself full of jellybeans and chocolate bunnies you are ready for some desserts.  Bunny cupcakes are a must to finish out this meal.  Using these simple decorating tips to transform an average cupcake into a bunny face will be sure to impress your guests… especially the little ones.

Decorating your Easter table can be really simple.  Pale yellows, greens, blues and pink are colors of spring and Easter.  Use tablecloths, napkins and plates in this color palette.  Bright yellow daffodils are a true flower of spring and Easter.  Make them the centerpiece of your table.  Setting out little dishes of pastel colored Jordan almonds or other small candies looks really pretty and its and edible decoration!  No matter what your family’s traditions are on Easter it is always a wonderful day to share a delicious feast with people you love.  Happy Easter!

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SOOO glad you are back Paula. Blessed Easter

By Kate Camp on April 20, 2014


happy easter paula i miss watching you on food network i used to watch you everyday as many shows i find you were wronged miss you and love you

By vicki baker on April 20, 2014


we miss your tv show you were funny to watch I enjoy your shows

By tamara on April 19, 2014


Thanks for the ideas, your tips are always useful, love the recipes. Thanks

By Freida Day on April 19, 2014


Love u paula, keep the recipes coming!!

By Kathy Sylvester on April 19, 2014


do you have a t.v. show....if so when does it come on. i so miss you on food network god bless and happy easter!

By sandy Simpson on April 19, 2014


Paula i think you r a wonderful person....I love your recipes you really make some beautiful dishes not only your dishes you r a beautiful lady. hold your head up high cause u r the best.

By Diane Brasel on April 19, 2014


Love Paula!

By Patti on April 19, 2014


Just saw another great idea for coloring Easter eggs! In a disposable cooking tin, spray a can of white shaving cream. Apply drops of a few colors of food coloring, use a toothpick or bamboo skewer to swirl colors around. Roll dried, cooled hard boiled eggs in the colorful cream. Allow to set 15 minutes on a paper plate. Wipe off shaving cream w/paper towel. Rinse eggs with water and display! The picture looked awesome, but I haven't tried it yet. Hopefully, mine will look as pretty! Wish me luck!

By Patty Ward on April 08, 2014


Thanks Paula, I was hunting something to help my 3yo little great-grand-daughter to dye Easter eggs a different way.You had some good tips.Thanks.Her daddy is in the service and she wants to send him one.I know he won't eat it but is fun to think he will get to share some Easter with her. Thanks again. Vivian Tedrick.

By Vivian Tedrick on April 06, 2012


Watch your show almost every day. Have made a number of your deserts, really good. Now I have to cut back and take off the weight I put on. But it was so worth it. Made your bread pudding (Bobby's way) excellent. Keep up the great cooking.

By Kathleen Thomas on April 06, 2012


thx paula!!!! ur the best!! im gonna try ur deviled rggs!! they look yummers!!! happy easter darling!!!! love u mama!!!!! i will meet u one day!!!! they say im a grt cook!! thx to u !!!! tell ur fam happy easter!!! secialy micheal!!!! by!

By pamela walters on April 05, 2012


Paula, I to am a diabetic (Type II). I would like to see you put out some diabetic friendly recipes. I have struggled with this for over 10 years. What have you started doing to get your diabetes under control. I too watch my carbs, starches, etc.

By Sharon on April 04, 2012


Love ya Paula your show,the wonderful food you cook. Your such a amazing lady. Thank you I can't to get home from work to see ya

By Petra McCoy on April 04, 2012


I think u are a amazing grandson and i watch u all the time u are one of the reasons he wants to be a chief now. because of u i have learned to cook mthe right way,our dream is to meet u in person someday continue the fight.

By debbie sanders on April 04, 2012


I love reading your recipes and stories. I put a twist in it and I read with your voice! I don't really sound like you, but, it's fun! Thank's pretty blue eyes...

By Cindy Mason on April 04, 2012


Hi y'all!!! I just wanted to let Paula know that I love her. My daughter and I have watched her show for as long as I can remember. Thank you for all your wonderful recipes. Ignore that rascal! He doesn't have any business saying anything about you. He needs to "get a life". You ARE LOVED Paula! Sincerely, Vicki

By Vicki Thacker on April 04, 2012


Just found your web site. Usually look you up on food network. Can you tell me who sells smithfield hams in my area? Keep up the good fight and God bless you.

By carolyn prall on April 03, 2012

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