A Summer of Burgers

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A Summer of Burgers

By Heather Jeffcoat

Anyone who knows me well knows I adore a good burger. I’m not saying that I eat one every week…but I could, easily. I’m always on the hunt for a good burger because, truly, why would you settle for anything less than a really good burger. A lot of people may order a filet mignon when they go out to a restaurant, but there are more times than not when I will order a burger over a filet.


I love the fact that there are so many ingredient options for patties, toppings, and buns. I am a girl who loves some seasoning to my burger, and I always require cheese. I’ve tried many a burger in my lifetime, from classic beef patties to turkey, chicken, salmon, pork, black bean, and even one that was made with quinoa and mushrooms. And while traveling I have had some great burgers, including a fine burger at a Scotland pub once. See what I am saying. I love a great burger!

Paula is all about a good burger, too, so we thought it would be fun to kick off your summer with six mouthwatering burgers that range from a classic with some pep to a bite of the holidays. Boy, did we come up with some fantastic recipes. You’ll want to try every one of them over the summer.


I have to say the Turkey ‘n’ Dressing burger took me by surprise. A turkey patty made with pieces of cornbread and seasonings and then slathered with a chipotle ketchup was pretty great. It’s Thanksgiving on a potato bun. If you’re looking for something with a classic flavor, then the All-American Burger is for you. Not only is there cheese on top of the patty, but in the middle. One bite, and that gooey surprise hits you! But if you are looking for a great burger that packs some Southern flair, then the Down South Burger is calling your name. This thick patty is sitting atop fried green tomato and topped with melted Gruyère cheese. And to just put it over the top, spread on the classic Rèmoulade Sauce. Delish! Check out these and three other tasty ideas in the July/August issue of Cooking with Paula Deen, or just click here to sample a few of our creative and tasty burger recipes. 

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Reader Comments:


Paula, I love watching you and your family. I miss seeing your show, I watched you everyday. My son lives in Charleston S.C. He took me to the Lady & Sons to eat. Oh my goodness! People are always telling me that I look just like the cooking lady Paula Deen. I always tell them that you are my hero. May God Bless You Mary Ann

By Mary Ann Tharp on August 15, 2014


I love paula deen and her family ,great lady. love watching her shows.keep her on tv

By s randall on August 30, 2013


Love you Paula Deen,,Looking forward to seeing more of you on tv. and you will! Shame on food network for jumping the gun. Their loss. I don't even watch it any more because of what they did to you. Your recipes are the best..I look them up all the time. You are inspirational in my eyes.

By sheryl lewis on August 24, 2013


Paula, just came back from the Western part of the states. Really like Buffalo Burgers. They are lean and you can cook them medium, which makes them nice and juicy. Very lean and better then regular beef with the fat content. Try some, you'll love it.

By Joyce Henkel on August 09, 2013


My husband and I grill all year round, but our gas grill has seen it's better days! This was one of those Phoenix grills with no flare ups and we had have it about 15 years. I have been really sick and undergone 1 brain surgery at Mayo Clinic in Arizona and now they say I have to have another one, so I don't think we will be able to buy a grill. Anyways, about burgers, we experiment a lot and one of our favs is 1 1/2 80/20 or 73/27% fat hamburger (you gotta have some fat in that burger or it's gonna be dry) 1 in. cut and cooked center cut bacon, Lawry's seasoned salt, ground black peppercorns, and crumbled blue cheese. Mix all together and form four to five square shaped burgers. Grill to Medium Well. Serve with toasted light bread, Texas toast, grilled onions, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo. Delicious!

By Beth Elder on August 07, 2013


I like bacon, cheese, and pickles. Also sweet onions.

By donna fousie on July 23, 2013


Paula very sorry to hear what happened to you. I think most of the negetivity is from people that sure haven't looked in the mirror lately. No one is perfect. U have a lot of people supporting u. You are my all time favorite , I love u shows an have most of ur books. Hang in there.

By marie on July 19, 2013


Love your recipes Paula and I want u to know that you are my role model! We did the burgers and toppings over the 4th, what a hit!! Went over very well!

By Donna Groves on July 19, 2013


Toast your bun and add peanut butter it's really good. Really!

By Tanya Stivers Spitz on July 12, 2013


I love burgers also but since I am always on a low carb diet I eat mine without the bread and sometimes I use 2 large portabello mushrooms in place of the bread - delicious!

By Sharon Carroll on July 11, 2013


Hi Paula! I love onion straws and blue cheese on my burgers with buffalo sauce,yummy! Love you,love all your recipies.Stay strong. Nanda

By Nanda on July 11, 2013


I have made this many times and it is our all time favorite....THE BACON ..EGG AND CHEESE BURGER ! Great to make mini ones for friends. We love you Paula. Valerie

By Valerie Healy on July 11, 2013


I'm definitely making the peanut butter and jelly ice cream sandwiches.

By Cindy Amaru on July 11, 2013



By elaine boggs on July 11, 2013


Hey Paula, My favorite summer burger and toppings consists of a good ground beef seasoned with W' shire sauce, seasoning salt, pepper and chopped garlic. Grill on med. high heat until cooked to your liking, toast buns on the grill and add cheese, top burgers with fresh garden tomato slices, sweet sliced onions and whatever other condiments you may like. Yummy!!! thanks

By Norma T. Campbell (aka Meme) on July 11, 2013


My favorite thing on my hamburger is Chili. Its the best of course with Mayo.

By betty bollinger on July 10, 2013


There is an unspoken, unwritten rule when loading the bun: Under NO circumstances should the burger (or anything wet) be the first item down. One needs to protect the structural integrity of the bottom bun by first placing cheese or lettuce in order to keep it from becoming a squishy wet mess. Once the bottom bun goes, you might as well eat it with a fork! Better yet, how about serving the bun on the side? Just sayin....

By marjorie weibe-reed on July 10, 2013


I love your recipes! PleaPatrickse keep me updated! Sincerely Yours, Diana

By Diana Patrick on July 10, 2013


GRILLED VIDALIA ONIONS ARE THE BEST!! Adding anything else is desert. The Onion will make the burger.

By John Bohacheff on July 10, 2013


I like that slow cooker pulled pickled beef sandwiches. You like pickles on your sandwiches I like cheese am mayonnaise on mine

By James R Morgan on July 10, 2013

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