A Southern Spring Evening with Paula Deen

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A Southern Spring Evening with Paula Deen

By Paula Deen

The sand gnats must have been plum scared off when they heard 250 people were coming over to my backyard the other night, because I didn’t get bit once. It really was a magical night for me. I loved getting to talk to every one of the wonderful people who came out to meet me and my family, eat some good food and even dance a little under a beautiful moon. With your generous help, we raised just over $100,000.00 for one of the charities most dear to my heart, Bethesda Home For Boys. I want to thank my staff, whose talents never stop amazing me, for doing everything it took (and I know it was a lot) to make this wonderful event happen. And most of all, I want to thank all the guests who turned their pockets inside out and gave so generously.  I love, love, love you all.

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Reader Comments:

Dearest Paula,
Just wanted to let you know that I am so very happy for you…and all that you do…I watch you every day on tv..and just laugh with you…I also just have a passion for cooking..and eating too!
You inspire not only me..but millions…God has truely blessed you Paula! Keep up the awsome job
that your doing…as for me I hope that one day God will allow our paths to cross…and we will have a special moment…or share a recipe or just laugh…May God continue to Bless you always!
Youre Number 1 fan…and a Yankee too!!! Living in the south…
Rosalie Lynora Neal

By Rosalie Neal on December 03, 2010

The only time I have been to Savannah and went to your resturant, the food was delish, but no Paula and no Deen boys, how sad is that.
Anyway the evening at your home sounded DELIGHTFUL and would love an opportunity attend one in the future.

By margaret irving on October 05, 2010

I grew up in Savannah, Ga, moving from there in my senior year at Savannah High School.  I went to school with and dated some of the boys from Bethesda Boys Home.  I wanted to know what ties if any Paula had with the home.  To this day, I wonder what become of some of the boys.  I even attended dances at the Boys home.  Some great memories.

By Carole Lowe on June 28, 2010

We are thrilled so many of you were able to attend. For those who did not know about the event, we sold all 200 tickets through our posts on Facebook and Twitter back in January. Within three weeks, all the tickets were sold out. We did keep a waiting list and so a few people were able to get tickets from there. If you want to be the first to know what’s going on, make sure you follow Paula on Twitter and Facebook!


By Lisa the Admin on June 07, 2010

My husband and I enjoy all your recipe every days. I will like to recive the Pork Tenderloin Cou recipe, that you done on June 1, 2010.

By Myrna Dumas on June 02, 2010

My husband and I had a most enjoyable evening at your beautiful home!  What a wonderful cause and we would love to support it again.  It truly is touching to see so many come together and help others and enjoy each others company. Meeting your family was amazing and exciting. We had the best conversation with your beautiful niece Corrie, she is an absolute beauty.  Thank you to all who helped in making this a magical evening.
Steve and Lori Lesley

By Steve and Lori Lesley on June 02, 2010

my sister and i had a wonderful time. what an exciting adventure. paula-i must say-you have a WHOLE LOT OF HANDSOME surrounding you. thank you for the opportunity to meet you and your family as well as help the Bethesda Home for Boys. thoughtfully,kathy laug and gemena welling

By kathy laug on June 01, 2010

My son, just loved your soufled pumpkin pancakes. I also made the spagetti casserole for a party and all the kids loved it. Thank you so much paula deen. You really are a wonderful person. I watch your show everyday and cant get enough, you really are my role model.

By Adam andrade on June 01, 2010

I hope you do this again. I would look forward to participating in this worthwhile cause.

By DAWN on May 29, 2010

Paula, family, and your talented team!
It was a beautiful event and we had a GREAT time!!  My husband and I still talk about it and definitely will remember for a very long time!!  Thank you so much for the hospitality!!  Hope you will do this again next year.

By Marina on May 27, 2010

Dear Paula,
  I did not know about this wonderful evening, however, would love to plan a trip back for such an event.
  My son and daughter-in-law, Dan and Melissa Bandy live nearby in Port Wentworth, have been to your restaurant and love it as much as I have loved watching you and your boys on TV.
  Dan, a pilot with the army, is being deployed, again, to the Middle East. As soon as he returns home, I want to take him to your place.
  You are a special, inspirational, REAL woman, Miss Paula.
  We love you,

By Linda Pereira on May 26, 2010

Hey Ms. Paula!

Thank you so much for opening up your home and for the chance to meet you and your family. I had a wonderful time and will never forget it.

Thanks again,

By Aaron on May 26, 2010

Like some of the others above are asking, how do you get invited to these events.  I would love to come and support this very special cause!

By Wanda Hudson on May 26, 2010

I was aware of this event, but unfortunately, my pocketbook wasn’t full enough to enable me to attend..lol
I did however, meet you recently at the fabulous book signing that was held @ BJ’s in Cumming, GA.  It was a moment I had been waiting on for a long time & I will cherish it forever!  Thanks for all you & your family do to “give back”.  You are a true inspiration & one remarkable lady!  Much love to you & your family!

Michelle Biles Williams
Jackson, GA

By Michelle Biles Williams on May 26, 2010

Paula, Please, please please do this event again. We had a death in the family and could not come. Had to pay for a funeral. Please do this again.
Patricia Moore McDaniel
New Bern NC 28562

By Patricia McDaniel on May 25, 2010

Ms.Paula and Family,
Thankyou for letting us be a part of the evening to help The Bethesda Boys Home. Bethesda is truly a great place for the boys and one that is dear to our heart. I had the pleasure to share the evening with my aunt and friends who were from Hinesville, but came all the way to Savannah. All our us ladies were acting like your hen coop and cackling, being silly and just enjoying your hospitality and company. Thankyou for choosing to support Bethesda and I hope the tradition continues. My daughter who attends SMU of course was upset she gave up her ticket, but hopefully will join us next year. I have to rub it in to my girl what an enchanting evening it was. Thankyou!!!

By Deanna C Dasher on May 25, 2010

thank you for your showes in the day and at night,for i’m in a wheel chair and can’t move much. i look to see if you are on any more and watch it.

By shirley gonyer on May 25, 2010

Thank You.  Thank You for the video footage of this wonderful event!  It brought the party a little closer to my mother and I as we were unable to attend due to her sudden illness.

We absolutly love the venue you have chosen to bring light upon our most precious angels.  “Our Children.”  Please keep my information on your philanthropy event listings.  As we adore the opportunity to share in the blessings that you bestoe on all that come into the ” sweet southern spirit of Paula Deen and family.” 

As we await the news from Mayo’s on my mother’s prognosis.  We keep January as a “fun time” on our upcoming agenda.  As soon as we hear that “your mother is released to travel.” we will be booking our cabin on that brand new ship.  What a fun time to look forward to.

Again, Thank You so much for bringing a voice to those in need.  You are such a blessing to all!

The Peach House
Constance Bush
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

By Constance Bush on May 25, 2010

Please, please have another one.  I will be there!  I love the Deen family.

By Marsha Redd on May 25, 2010

So sorry we could not attend but please keep me on the list.  Thank you so much,  Liz

By liz ward on May 25, 2010

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