A Southern Proper Guide to Bridesmaids

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A Southern Proper Guide to Bridesmaids

By Cindy Edwards

The courtship has finally culminated in a proposal and the bride is super busy with all of the plans that lead up to a wedding.  One of her tasks is selecting the special group that will stand by her side on her big day: her bridesmaids.

There is no “perfect” number.  Some brides just choose one or two close friends or family members, but I have seen as many as a dozen bridesmaids at a wedding.
It is a very personal decision, and a bride must take into account several things to select the perfect group.

1. Relationship. A bridesmaid must be special like a sister, cousin, roommate or just very close friend.

2. Expense.With the cost of the dress, shoes, wedding gift and travel to the   event it can be very expensive to be a bridesmaid. Keeping this in mind is important because it may limit the number of attendants that you will ask.

3. Time. Bridesmaids have to make the time to attend the wedding and pre-wedding parties and showers, which can be difficult if many of your festivities are out of town.

Once the bride has settled on the special group that will surround and support her at her wedding, she must decide how she will ask each one.  Today there are so many clever ways to “pop the question.”

1. Card, poem or letter. This can be elaborate or simple.  A bride can use store-bought cards to invite each woman to be a bridesmaid; however, an old-fashioned personal letter would do the trick and be a keepsake for years to come.

2. Cookie. Whether you make it yourself or purchase custom cookies,
your bridesmaids will always remember a baked treat.

3. Special gift. A recent bride told me that she put together a “bridesmaids prep kit” complete with Fashion Tape, breath mints and a bottle of nail polish.

By coming up with a clever “proposal,” you are setting the tone for a special event, not only for you, but also for your closest friends.  The big day is really about you and your new life, but others will commit their time and funds to it, so make sure they know how much you treasure them.

Wishing you the happiest of wedding days surrounded by the ones you love.

As always, thanks for reading.

Properly yours,

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Reader Comments:


Such thoughtful ideas! It really is nice to acknowledge those special friends. It's a memorable day for everyone.

By Tiffany on October 09, 2013


You still need to relax that smile!! wilson

By w morris on October 04, 2013


Great information! The wedding series has been great!

By Karen on October 01, 2013


Once again, you have given such good advice in this blog!

By Viki Curtis on September 24, 2013


Love the suggestions for asking friends to be bridesmaids.

By Linda Parton on September 24, 2013


Great suggestions and advice for choosing those wonderful people! It's way too important a day not to make the right choices.

By Sandra on September 23, 2013


Great article!

By Lenora Buckley on September 19, 2013


Hi paula love you long time and miss you so much.I get my paula fix when I go on line after I get a email from you my husband and one of the guys he workswith love the treats I fix from one of your recipes I have popped a few buttons.thank you for all the goodies

By evette legge on September 19, 2013


Thanks for this great information. This was very helpful to me and the timing was perfect.

By Jackie on September 19, 2013


Very interesting! Always enjoy reading your blog. Have a nice day. Ann

By Anonymous on September 19, 2013


It's a day for brides and all nov loved in creating a magical wedding. I love your tips and ideas as always your blog posts are on trend with what is going on in so many of our lives. Cannot wait to see what is next from you.

By Donna on September 18, 2013


This post suggest ideas that will make any bridesmaid feel special and loved by the bride. Weddings are very special and always memorable for the bride and groom, as well as, the families and everyone involved. Thanks, Cindy, for another great post!

By Anne on September 18, 2013

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