A Perfectly Easy Thanksgiving Centerpiece

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A Perfectly Easy Thanksgiving Centerpiece

By Cindy Edwards

This year, I needed a quick Thanksgiving centerpiece that will last the entire week.  I decided to look around my house for some decorations from past years and incorporate things that I already owned.  I am excited to share this festive and inexpensive idea with Paula’s readers.

You will need:
1. Centerpiece bowl or basket
2. Tray
3. A collection of real and faux pumpkins and gourds
4. One bunch of bittersweet or fall leaves
5. One or two bunches of long-lasting flowers like mums, alstroemeria or goldenrod
6. Candlesticks, small vases and table runner

1. Place the runner down the middle of your table.

2. Place tray in the middle of the runner and center the bowl or basket on it.

3. Arrange bittersweet or leaves around the basket.

4. Cut the flowers on the short side and arrange either in the basket or in a container that will fit into the basket.  Use the goldenrod to fill in extra spaces and to add some visual interest.

5. Scatter pumpkins and gourds around the basket.

6. Arrange extra vases and candles down the table to add more interest.

Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving, surrounded by your family and friends.

As always, thanks for reading.

Properly yours,

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Reader Comments:


Thanks, Cindy, for another great blog! I always look forward to seeing what you will write about next. I really like the idea of using items that you have and incorporating those into a unique centerpiece.

By Viki Curtis on December 07, 2013


Cindy, the centerpiece is beautiful, and ,when I first looked at it, I immediately thought it would be hard to make. I am amazed at the simplicity for making it. I think I will use this same concept for making a centerpiece for the Christmas dining table. Beautiful......and easy to make! Thanks for this great idea!

By Linda Parton on December 07, 2013


Wow, Cindy!! You did it again! Something so simple even I could do it, and it turned out beautifully. Thanks so much for all the wonderful ideas you always give us and all your other over-the-top blogs. Always look forward to reading them.

By Sandra on December 06, 2013


Love the centerpeice. It is beautiful! I liked the way you used things you already had to make the table look festive. As always, I really enjoy your blog. Susan

By SUSAN LOTT on December 05, 2013


Great blog Cindy!!!! I always enjoy reading your post. This Thanksgiving centerpiece is absolutely beautiful and so easy to make.

By Ann on December 03, 2013


The Thanksgiving centerpiece is absolutely beautiful. After reading this post, I immediately began to look for items that I had in my house and then I went outside and gathered leaves. I used a basket and tray that I found in storage and made this centerpiece for my dining table. Everyone loved it!!! Thanks for this great idea! Looking forward to your next post.

By Anne on December 02, 2013


Love this fall arrangement! I would use this centerpiece thoughout the fall holiday season, Halloween to Thanksgiving! I am hopeful that you are planning to post Christmas decor as well. I look forward to your simple designs!

By ga girl on December 02, 2013


Thank you for the creative idea! I will be sure to put this in my Thanksgiving planner for next year. I might spin this idea with a Christmas centerpiece or lookout for another fabulous idea for the Christmas holiday.

By Lindsey Buchan on December 02, 2013


My friends told me the other day about your blog. I read every article and appreciate all of the info that you have shared with your readers. The points on manners and the pictures of your family were very nice. Where did you find your pumpkins? Any ideas for Christmas decorations? There seems to so many tacky things for the holidays. Thanks in advance!!

By Celita on December 01, 2013


My daughter and I love to decorate for the holidays. She really had a good time with this decoration because I let her do everything herself. She is only 5! Thanks again for your great ideas and hoe you had a great Thanksgiving.

By Tera on December 01, 2013


Cindy, Thanks for all of your helpful hints and blog posts about your family and traditions. I have shared with my daughter and daughter-in-law all of your posts (my favorites involve the ones on manners). Thanks for sharing your ideas with us. Look forward to your next posts.

By Angie on December 01, 2013


Cindy, I love your blog posts about your traditions and family. Thanks for making your posts so easy to follow. My friends have enjoyed me sharing the website with them. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

By Andrea on December 01, 2013


I just love your blog posts. I made a centerpiece similar to yours (not as pretty) that was a big hit in my house. Everyone in my family asked where I got the idea. I have shared similar blog posts in the past. Thanks for writing

By Tracey on December 01, 2013


Great example of a perfect centerpiece. Looking forward to the next!!

By Michelle on December 01, 2013

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