7 Budget Friendly Meals

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7 Budget Friendly Meals

By The Paula Deen Test Kitchen

We have all been faced with a similar problem. How do you create delicious meals at home without going over a budget? Here at the Paula Deen Test Kitchen, we get asked this question all the time. It seems nearly impossible to shop for quality food products without spending a fortune.

Here are three tips to remember while grocery shopping:

1. Make a List. It is bad enough to shop on an empty stomach, but it is even worse to shop without a list. Make note of the essential items that you need like milk, bread, eggs and butter, and then add other items that you need for this week’s recipes. Keeping a shopping list will help deter you from buying extra items.

2. Shop for Specials. Mother was right, coupon clipping is worth the trouble. You can save several dollars by regularly clipping and using coupons. For those of you with a tech-savvy edge, most smartphones have apps that will electronically organize your coupons for you! Also, look for brightly colored stickers with Manager’s Special printed on them.

3. Plan, Plan, Plan. In addition to keeping your grocery list, make a weekly list of meals that you can prepare. This will not only keep you organized, but will also help you avoid fast food traps which seem like good ideas at the time, but add up to costly expenses in the long run.

The Test Kitchen has also put together a list of our favorite budget friendly meals to help you pinch your pennies without leaving your pantry bare. Be sure to add these to your PaulaDeen.com recipe boxes and grocery lists!

Walk Away Baked Spaghetti
White Bean Chili
Hurry Up Chicken Pot Pie
Chicken Georgia
Beef Stroganoff
Chicken and Rice Casserole
Wayne’s Beef Macaroni and Cheese

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Reader Comments:


You are my favorite female cook on tv. Girl you got it goin on. You go girl!

By Iris B.Thomas on February 06, 2011


I read one of your reader's comments about the "Better than Sex Cake". I also have that recipe. I'll bet that you do,too. Anyway, keep up the good work, You're the QUEEN! Martha from Cornelius

By martha on February 05, 2011


I have made ALOT of your recipes and especially desserts and take them to work. They are ALWAYS a HUGE hit. I even have co-workers asking me for the recipes!!!! They know they are "Paula Deen" recipes and will need lots of butter and sugar!!! YOU are the BEST!!!! I love the comment you made about none of us are getting out of this world alive, so spread some butter on that biscuit!!! ha! Thank you for being YOU!!! Love ya!

By Cynthia Harris on February 01, 2011


I wish I knew what you said to "those big ol' boys" after the coin toss...the way everyone is laughing and grinnin' I imagine it was a "Classic Paula Dean" comment! Love you and your downhome humor...you are the real deal! Dee Hood

By nana22ad on February 01, 2011


Paula Just wanted to say Thank You for the budget friendly meals!! We have a womens ministry that actually makes meals on a budget for families in need. Your recipes were just what we needed!! Again Thanks & God Bless Sherry

By Sherry Foster on February 01, 2011


Thanks to whoever suggested greek yogurt. My husband HATES mayo, plus it reduces calories. Great Idea! Thanks!

By Michelle on February 01, 2011


Paula, My mom and my step-father take turns making your gooey butter cake all the time and we loovvee it. It is soo good. We love your recipes, keep them coming! Love ya.

By Lisa McGann on January 29, 2011



By TINA BARTON on January 28, 2011


I recently fixed your potato soup recipe. I love the simplicity of it and the contents are usually items that I already have in the pantry. We've had a lot of snow/cold weather lately and this soup hit the spot!! It's a favorite of all my guests!! Thank you, Paula!!

By Page Putnam on January 28, 2011


I have made this before but used the store seasoning mix.Was always wanting a made from scratch recipe and now I have it.TY!!!!

By Sandy on January 28, 2011


This sounds so delicious!!!!Mine always leaves us wanting but now with this recipe my family will be spoiled.I love your show by the way and watch it daily!!I am a huge fan!!

By Sandy on January 28, 2011


mrs. paula dean, i want to thank you for all the delious resaipes. i have tryed all of them.my next attempt is the bobby,s lighter chili.we are still having snow here in indy.the wind chill is like13�low or something to that effect.i even have my daughter in on the paula dean crusade.have you heard of a cake called "better than sex cake? i haven't either,until my daughter come home nd says she's gettin ready to prepare one. it was for a birthday party.i asked her to save me a piece.did she? yes she did. i must say it was very tasty.i will have to send you the recipe. thank you so very much mrs.paula.

By lisarichard on January 28, 2011

Great post. My visitors have been asking about this, do you mind if I re-print this on my forum? I will of course give full credit to this site, and I will link to you if you like. Thanks.

By Ianna on December 01, 2011

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