4th of July Napkin DIY

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4th of July Napkin DIY

By The Paula Deen Test Kitchen

Are you looking for a whimsical way to dress up your Fourth of July table this year? The Deen Team has a fun idea for dazzling your guests by creating your own tabletop fireworks. Check out how to make your own homemade firework napkin!

imageStep 1: You will need some bleach, a pencil with eraser, a pencil sharpener, toothpicks, and some fabric or linens. We happened to have some great navy napkins from our last shoot handy but any fabric or dark colored linen will do.


imageStep 2: Add the bleach to a small jar.


imageStep 3: Use the pencil sharpener to make the tip of the pencil eraser smaller.


imageStep 4: Dip the eraser into the bleach.


imageStep 5: Press firmly onto the fabric letting the bleach soak in. This dot will be the anchor of the firework.


imageStep 5: Dip the toothpick into the bleach.


imageStep 6: Make curved lines coming from the anchor.


imageStep 7: Use the tip of the eraser to embellish the firework at the end for a finishing touch.


imageStep 8: Finish setting your table with some pretty red, white, and blue touches!


Happy 4th of July, everyone!

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Reader Comments:


Muito lindo seu trabalho

By Ana Sofia Vogel Duarte on September 18, 2013


Great Idea. Will use in my art class😀THANK YOU PAULA

By ColoredGlass by Marlina on September 17, 2013


Go girl. see you soon on your new show and channel

By Evelyn Maddox on August 17, 2013


We love Paula!!! This is a really cute idea!

By Linda Griffin on August 09, 2013


Love your recipes. Love the napkin with the bleach. Can't wait to try it. I love you Paula, have used many of your recipes. Can't wait to see more.

By trish brooke on July 05, 2013


Thanks for your wonderful idea on the fireworks napkins I am going to do this. And also thank you for the 4th of July food ideas. Please keep your chin up Paula we all love you and don't forget what they did to Martha Stewart you will come back bigger and better just as she did. smile

By Kathy Gardner on June 29, 2013



By me encanta tu pagina,felicidades on April 30, 2013


I recommend you let the finished project dry then wash as the lingering bleach on the fabric will rot it- pure bleach that is not rinsed will damage the textile.

By Heidi on January 25, 2013


Can you wash these or will the bleach bleed?

By Amanda Villalobos on November 01, 2012


Thanks for posting such a great how-to. I look forward to giving this a try. smile

By Laura on August 03, 2012


It is simple and easy to do and i had lots of fun doing with my brothers and sisters and received lots of compliment, i did it for a small get together with my friends and family

By Samantha on July 16, 2012


If using bleach to decorate the napkin, how do you keep the bleach from eating the fabric? Did you dilute the bleach, and if so what was the ratio? Curious in Charlotte, NC

By kimberly on July 05, 2012


hi paula i watch your show as much as i can,love it. its not so bad having diabetes,you still get to eat some great stuff,i am a pre diabetic and you better believe i turned my eating habits around but quick,my older brother and younger sister both had it and both died from it he was 40 and she was 63 i am 71 now with 2 grown kids who each have 2 kids and believe me i want to be around much longer they are 22,21, 18 and 17. my husband and i will be married for 50 yrs.come september,well i guess that i could talk for hours about my family.i know that you are just starting with your grand babies, so God bless and have fun,you look great on the front of the people mag.keep up the good work cooking healthy with you judy gray

By judy gray on June 29, 2012


Paula, you and your staff are the "bomb"!! I have several pair of old blue jeans. I'm gonna try these napkins with bleach decorated blue jeans. Thanks for the ideas!

By Jan Fairclo on June 29, 2012

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